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You're right -- only a few booths selling mohair. I did see some really nice laceweight mohair in a couple. Congrats on the Tilli Thomas score -- I saw her booth, and thought seriously about making one of those knitted bags with the fabric liners they sell.

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Sunday, May 06, 2007  

Report from the fair.

I found it! The perfect surprise yarn to make the cap sleeved lace top for summer. Tilly Tomas, the bead yarn lady of televised knitting shows, has a booth just across from Spirit Trail and she had enough of the right stuff in the right colors to fit this gal. wooppee!

I'll have photos when I come home - for I am taking pictures on my rambles. The word out is that this show is bigger than ever before - they are turning cars away from the parking lot. If so, well, it's a much more polite orderly crowd, because I didn't feel the mad crush I felt last year. Just a steady stream.

Sales are good. Folks are happy. Lace is big, followed by socks. Not much mohair around, not as in other years, so what Jen has is going fast.

Note to all

Do not go to Mexican Restaurant on Saturday night if it is also May 5. We got there at 7 and got served at quarter to 9. Not my idea of fun.

But today is going to be cool and sunny and wooly I hope.
I'll be home late today but will try to get a post up tomorrow afternoon - or else Tuesday in the morning.

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