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Thursday, May 24, 2007  

If you can see the end from the beginning, you probably aren't planning to make much of a journey. Unless, just possibly, you are standing at the top of a mountain and your destination is another peak in the far distance. Then, by the time you've made your descent, traveled through the intervening valleys and ascended all over again, you will have passed through much challenging territory. Be adventurous now. Set yourself a goal you are not sure you can reach.

Thank you Mr.Horoscope. But you are forgetting that we Virgo’s don’t really like to take trips to unknown destinations and we are quite dutiful enough to go somewhere even if we know all the steps it will take to do so. Or think we do.

It’s certainly not that we don’t like surprises. But I, for one, don’t like unpleasant surprises and I very much like to hedge my bets so that I don’t wipe out completely. Readers or watchers of TheSecret may scoff at me and say, in fact, what I am doing is Not Allowing. Eh. I am not perfect, but I allow enough and sometimes plenty. I will still always read the end of a story right after I read the beginning. Life will give me surprises enough. I don’t care to court them.

All the same, I am contemplating a couple of big ideas that would require untried efforts to achieve challenging goals. I wonder how many of us have little seedlings in our souls that, from lack of nourishment, fail to grow or blossom or bear fruit. Well, there are a couple little tendrils tickling my imagination and I am thinking seriously of encouraging their growth.

Sigh. Our vision of self contains only so many angles, so many possibilities. So often all the other what-if’s are told "Not now" or "Not in this life" or "another time" and they wither away. I remember I used to purchase craft supplies that I squirreled away for "when I am retired and have time." I did this in my late 20’s!!! Crazy! Trying to store up happiness opportunities for some future date instead of just having the fun right now! I finally stopped when I realized that if these poor, stored away, future toys survived life in a shed for 40 Virginia summers, I would be too blind or arthritic to play with them anyway. Obviously, my stash building chromosomes are lodged deep in the DNA.

Still and all, a certain amount of judicious selection has to occur - or at least, does occur. Everything out there looks so good and I’m librarian enough to believe that if the instructions are in a book, I can probably do it, make it and learn it. It’s a question of time and desire. How much time do I want to spend becoming good enough at something to satisfy my expectations of myself? As a child I became a darn good violinist by practicing an ungodly number of hours every day. The benefits of being really good at something were wide and varied, but they came at a cost. There were so many normal girl things I had to let go by the by: things I may have been lousy at, things I had a real talent for. I’ve never been sure if I made the right choice (not that I really had a choice, for my parents were in charge back then) - to focus on one thing at the exclusion of everything else. But it is the choice I made and it got me here.

And I do like having options to pick from - like items on a menu. There’s always with the promise that I can come back next time and pick something else. Goal setting and goal achieving is a little difficult for me, since there are just so many goals that would be fun to achieve. Choice is what I like. Options. Avenues. I’m not just a process knitter - I believe I am a process liver.
Well. That’s enough navel gazing. Instead I shall use as my astrological guide to the day, this lovely entry from Ms.Horoscope:

Imagine if the next surprise you got was a lovely one. Imagine if the Universe managed to turn things around for you so that instead of being forced to deal with people who seem anything but stable, for once you were pleasantly shocked by something that someone said or did. Do imagine this. It's actually a possibility for you now. Don't lose faith in the idea that your current situation could yet turn out for your total benefit. Just make sure you still with the Golden Virgo Rule c. 2007 and don't try too hard to control anyone or any situation.

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