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I am in a sock mood too, I suddenly realized that next winter I will have good reason to own lots of socks. I have a LOT of sock yarn on hand, so I can keep busy with it all summer and stay true to my yarn fast. I finished a long-neglected pair for my son this afternoon, fingers crossed that they'll fit, and started a new pair for myself, in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock. I lust after every LL yarn.

By Blogger Catherine, at 7:48 PM  

I have... (counting on fingers) ...six different sock designs in progress. And my brain gave out this week and I now hate knitting.
This is a slight exaggeration, but nothing is working out knitting wise and all I want to do is spin spin spin spin spin!!!

So I'm spinning away, and hoping that I'll overdose on that soon so I can get on with the knitting that actually brings in a little bit of money....

Good for BD - you go be a proud adoring trophy wife, and I'll just be a proud adoring distant friend...

By Blogger Amie, at 9:09 PM  

The Lorna's angora-blend is awfully tempting in their lovely colorways....

By Blogger Mary, at 4:58 PM  

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Friday, May 25, 2007  

I tracked down that gorgeous colorway of Lorna’s Laces. That’s when I realized that they made so many different types of yarns. I thought they only made sock and lace type yarns. woo woo. Yummy. If I get all my Christmas sock knitting done in July I’ll treat myself to some of that colorway in one of their yarns. Maybe another sock yarn, maybe not.

I’m really lusting after sock knitting these days. I have several different pair going at once and when I’m not knitting on a pair of socks I’m thinking about knitting on a pair of socks. Not that I am complaining, mind you. I am delighted, really. I love having a little obsession going on in my head. It’s like having a fountain you can take a sip from any time your brain is thirsty. And I do have a lot of sock yarn. whew! I’m exploring what purling into a knit stitch does to break up color in these gorgeous handpainted yarns. Not the self striping ones, but just the handpaints - with their shifts from one color to another that sometimes pools and sometimes doesn’t.

Do you knit your socks with a "firm" texture? I often make mine on #3 needles and not all that firm, though I will go down to 2’s and 1’s. But I don’t seem to wear out socks very quickly. Sometimes the toes stretch thin but I think that’s because by the time I get down to knitting the toes I’m bored with the sock, in a hurry to finish up, and make it a little short. Anyway, even though I think I have big feet - well, I know I do - I like socks in most yarns knit at 56 stitches best. Certainly I like the cuffs knit on fewer than 60 stitches because my ankles are very skinny for such big feet. I like to use slightly thicker yarns for BD’s socks and they come in nicely at 60 stitches on #3’s. Of course, I’m talking about plain socks with no texture knitted in.

Humph. I’ve been trying to get Hotmail to load for 20 minutes now. It gets almost open and then freezes and pops into that "This page can not be displayed" mode. Curses on you oh foul Dialup. Well - we shall see how the summer sales of BD’s Jamestown books go. He was raking in the money in the late winter but suddenly realized he was running out of books so all the $ he made had to go into paying for a third printing. Yikes! There went the satelite connection and the new computer and the new car. But he will have enough books to take us through the 2007 frenzy and, well, if he sells out on this year I will retire. ;-)

My DoNothing vacation really made a difference in my mental state. I knew I was tired, but I felt like I was handling all the details of this demanding year. Still, by that last week I was so fractured I was beginning to feel just plain guiltily - no worse! - useless and ineffectual. As if I didn’t have the ability to do my job properly not just that I wasn’t doing it properly. This week, even though I’ve been short staffed, has been easy and productive and happy. It really was exhaustion, not bumbling-ness. What a relief!

Not, mind you, that I am sorry we have a delicious 3-day weekend coming up. I plan to savor that with all my might.
BD is going to be a keynote speaker at a big celebration in Richmond. I get to go be Wife of Keynote Speaker and hang out in Richmond and have a good scramble around the Godspeed. It’s supposed to be HOT and SUNNY. I bought new sunscreen yesterday.

After that there are two sweet delicious Days At Home - Days In The Castle. Maybe I shall knit some socks. Hmmm? Promise - some pictures by next Tuesday.

posted by Bess | 7:14 AM