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Wow - sorry you got sick! Hope you're better now! And I can't wait to hear what you think of the Tilli Thomas!

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Thursday, May 10, 2007  

For all that I’ve been doing some interesting traveling the past few months, as well as some dutiful traveling, 2007 has been a demanding year for me and I feel stretched as thin as parchment. It’s been my habit in the past to take at least the Monday after a big event like MS&W off and if possible, the whole next week. This year it wasn’t possible, not even to take off Monday. There are end-of-year bookkeeping duties, Friends of the Library events, and summer reading club planning activities spread out on my desk. I felt like if I could get the heaviest of these chores finished this week I could take a real week off starting tomorrow and just sink into peace and relaxation and, well, vacate my real life. I actually did get 89% of those chores done by 5 o’clock yesterday but alas, I crashed and burned today. I tried to go to work, but I was in a cold sweat by the time I got to the mailbox - and turned around and went back to bed. 6 hours of sleep later I’m a little better - sort of draggy groggy - but not with that clammy feeling I had this morning.

I’ll be back at work tomorrow and the Friends dinner is tomorrow night but then this gal is gonna reeee-lax. But in the mean time, I have all 4 Barbara Walker stitch books, two of the Nicky Epstein edge treatment books, some pointy tipped ebony circular’s in size 7 and a lovely wound ball of Tilly Tomas silk. The sun is shining in my green and gold world and there are 4 dogs who’d like to sit at my feet. I believe I’ll go swatch me a little lace.

posted by Bess | 5:41 PM