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Hope your Sunday turned out better. Gorgeous weather, wasn't it?

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Sunday, May 13, 2007  

Day one of vacation dawned humid and warm. May is the Second Month of the Deep Shed, so there are dog fur feathers all over the house. It would have been nice if I’d gotten around to cleaning up the place but I made the tactical mistake of saying to BD "I have to go to town for groceries this morning. Would you like to come along?"

36 years of togetherness have taught me much about compromise and blending and meshing styles, language and bio-rhythms. But not all. Besides, all that blending and meshing, etc., really means choosing among several, or at least two, options. My idea of going to the store on a Saturday morning is to hop out of bed, whip on some sunglasses, zip into town and get through Walmart before any of your friends are even through their second cup of coffee. It’s not just that the market is crowded on a Saturday. It’s that all your friends will be there too. Not only will they want to stop and talk and schedule a dinner date and ask a favor, but you have to do your hair and makeup and wear a clean t-shirt and the shorts that don’t make your stomach pooch out.

So. No problem for a lark like me. I can be in and out of W*M in 30 minutes - 45 if I have to go over to the other side for housewares or dog biscuits. Alas, doing something with my night owl husband, the guy I used to tell bad news to while driving to work together because he wouldn’t remember it, the fellow who, the moment you say "okay, let’s go" walks into his office and takes a book off the shelf to look something up, means that if we get out of the house before noon it will be a miracle. No miracle was wrought yesterday And I had Saturday hair and couldn’t find my sunglasses. Fortunately I had those Jitterbug socks in my purse, so when I wasn’t actually thrusting my cart through the isles, I could bend my head down and knit away and of course, since I couldn’t see anybody - nobody could see me, right? Bess - the Ninja Knitter, so deep into her project she’s invisible.

Part of the journey involved violating another Vacation Rule - Do Not Go Into The Office when On Vacation. Only, of course, what’s one of the really fun things to do on a vacation? Read a good book, right? And guess where all the good books are lurking. Yeah. But at least I made BD park in the public parking lot out front. Actually we were on a quest for vegetarian chili and went to look at the cook book section. We found 2 and tried one last night, but it tasted more like Boston Baked Beans with Chili Peppers and Corn. Way too sweet. And both recipes involve ersatz meat substitute. I really would like one that didn’t try to pretend it was a meat dish.

And of course, we weren’t just getting the groceries. We had to go by all the auto parts stores while BD looked for a new clamp for the battery charger (which saved my skin last weekend at MS&W, because who on God’s Green Earth would be stupid enough to come up with the moronic idea of Mandatory Headlight Roads? Don’t these idiots know that if every car has its headlights on in the daytime your eyes will adjust to them, too, and you still won’t see the car coming towards you? And aren’t we already supposed to put our lights on when it’s raining or when it’s dark, so who is going to remember to turn them off when it is neither and it’s 3 p.m. and you’re going to leave your car in the parking lot for 2 nights and you’re all excited about catching up with your girlfriends in a giant barn full of yarn?)

The good news is that I have only one pattern more to knit on my Jitterbug socks, plus the toe. The bad news is that by the time I got home and put away groceries, while there really was time to clean the house, and I would have felt deliciously happy if the house had been all sparkly clean, I just didn’t feel like it. Hot, humid, muggy and dopey, I just flipped through my Barbara Walker books and daydreamed about sock patterns.

Additional good news is that Joe mailed my new #5 Addi Lace needles Friday afternoon and woo woo!! They came yesterday. I will be knitting silk this cool rainy Sunday afternoon.

So. A Happy Mother’s Day to all mom’s out there and here is one of my favorite old cartoons from the early years of blogging. (No. They are not connected, except that all mother’s have to multi-task whether it works or not.)

Remember, when it works, it's called Multi-tasking. When it doesn't, it's called ADD.



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