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Tuesday, May 29, 2007  

All the astro-experts are saying Today is the Dawn Of A New Day Era Epoch so I suppose they must be right. It just feels a little humid and cool to me. And like dragging back to work. For which I don’t have quite the enthusiasm I probably ought to but the next few weeks, though extraordinarily busy, will also be laced with hidden treats, like Friday off since I work Saturday, which we all know is not a real day of work since nobody who is official can call me and scold, not even the Accounts Department. And the next week I go away for 2 days of inspirational coaxing from the state library and I am taking a library board member who also happens to be a friend with me and we are staying in a down town hotel where somebody else will feed me. Nice.
There will be one more week of ordinary days and then the summer reading club begins and we shall be busy as bees - but have extra staff so we don’t care. But if I am going to be so absent from things over the next 2 weeks I shall have to be functioning on maximum efficiency. Hmmm. When I feel so lazy as this? I wonder ... hmmm.

After a Hot Day In Richmond, BD and I spent two gloriously lazy days at home. Saturday was the obligatory house cleaning day because in the country with 4 dogs, you better hit things every week, but even that only takes part of a day. And yesterday was sweet nothingness and not getting dressed till after lunch. The mayflies are out now, wicked dive bombers that keep me indoors till the mid-June. BD is more intrepid than I and will take walks out there in the cloud of stinging biting devils, but I will get my exercise at the gym this week.

I am knitting on a sock that has been commissioned by someone so it is not for public viewing. This is fine, but it makes for a fiberless post. The pattern is one of all knits and purls which breaks up handpainted yarns in the most interesting ways. If the yarn is vivid with high contrast it will make a speckled sock and if it’s contiguous and harmonious it will make subtle variations that prevent pooling. I am about to rewrite TheQueen’s Almanac to say that this shall be the summer of sock discovery because really, that is all I am wanting to work on these days. I may as well do so with my own approval, hmmm?

I have photos of Saturday’s event and will put them up sometime today. Actual Knitting Pictures will have to come later in the week - when I am working on something else.

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