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Hmmph! I'm green that you're garden is green -- and blooming! I raked the last of the mulches up in my back yard yesterday...and will be ready to do some serious gardening when I return from my UK holiday...after our last chance of frost has past!

Hugs, and blessings for a good month,

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Monday, April 23, 2007  

You know it’s spring around here when the front door stays open in the morning and the dogs wander in and out.

You can only do this in the a.m., before the flies wake up, for we don’t have a screen door on the front of the house. Never have. there’s a big back porch that’s screened so we can leave that door open, but the front door stays shut except on beautiful spring and autumn mornings. Something about a wide open front door makes me feel free, light hearted, even rich.

BD and I went to the Menokin Bluegrass Festival on Saturday. I really love bluegrass music. This is the first time I’ve been able to go to this event because it’s always been held the same weekend as MS&W! Imagine such bad scheduling.

Menokin is the home of Francis Lightfoot Lee - of the great Lee Family.

While we enjoyed some of the bands, especially the The Infamous Stringdusters, shown below
the most fun I had was walking down by the river along Becky's Trail.

Where I got a chance to wade a bit.

Yes! This is a blog that includes fiber and even goes so far as to register itself on several fiber webrings. So. Here’s some knitting:

No. This is not a dress for Barbie. It’s a detachable ruffled cuff - a sample I’m making for Spirit Trial Fiberworks out of a merino/silk blend. Here is how you wear it. I understand that other designers have been making and selling patterns for these - but really, you don’t need a pattern. Just cast on lots and lots of stitches in multiples of whatever your lace pattern calls for, join, (being careful to not twist the stitches) knit a few inches of it, knit 2,3, or 4 stitches together across the whole and knit a bit of ribbing to slip beneath a plain sweater cuff. You could do this in mohair on size 7-9 needles in stockinette or garter stitch and it would look like lace - just remember that the heavier the yarn, the fewer the stitches, the finer the yarn, the more.

And here is a sock being knit in Collinette’s Jitterbug yarn, colorway Popcicle.

I bought this last March when I was staying in Richmond and never could settle on a pattern. 56 stitches was just right to prevent pooling, but was too small for my foot. 64 stitches is just right for this lace pattern but it causes the yarn to pool and spiral. Since I liked the green better than the yellow slanting stripe, I chose that side as the front and began the heel flap with a knit row.

I am profoundly glad it is this week at last. Some people say that time is an artificial construct, but nobody will convince me that a day is not a unit of time and even if weeks are the creation of the human mind, lunar cycles were created by something greater than us and that comforts me. If dividing a month into weeks helps me move on, well and good.
I am not one who is comforted by knitting for charity but if I were, this is a charity knitting project I’d join.

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