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Have a great time teaching in Staunton!
And just out of curiosity, will BD get to be at the big Jamestown to-do when the "other" queen crosses the pond to visit? That would be so cool for "our queen" to get to meet her namesake. skippy

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So sorry about that last cryptic word in the last message. It sneaked in there uninvited.

By Blogger Carolyn, at 12:07 PM  

Have fun this weekend! :-)

By Blogger Mary, at 1:39 PM  

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Friday, April 13, 2007  

What a week! What a 2 week flurry I’m in. Of course, my flurry could be your calm sea, but for a gal who follows a routine as ... as routinely as I, these days are like brief kisses from the wind. Here and gone in a sigh.

Wednesday, the crew from the John Smith Shallop were here for a tutorial on the real JS itinerary of 1607. They were all between 25 and 30 and as cute as they could be, all of them highly educated but with that seafarer’s lust that has them making their living out on reproduction historical ships. It was a cold grey day with a spit of rain toying with us but they gamely got into BD’s long slender boat and went out onto Occupacia Bay for a taste of the sea, before gathering in the living room and getting down to business. I, wisely, stayed ashore - 14 people in that open boat was enough. Besides, I can go out anytime.

I adore watching my darling when he’s being Mr.Jamestown and I really adore watching other people adore him too. Or at least, raptly listening to him.

Of course, being there ment I had to skip out of work early but the last thing I told my assistant before I left was to see if we didn’t have any new keyboards in the back room that we could swap out at the circ desk and PAC computers, because the ones we were using were all old and sticky. I found out on Thursday morning that we did have some and they all fought with the equipment in place and shut the computers down. Lawsee - I am sure those wicked machines knew I was busy and distracted and just decided to give us a fit out of pure spite. We got them working again, with telephone help from the computer priests in Richmond, but the upshot is that the scanners at the circulation desk don’t work now and we have to type in the bar code numbers to check books in and out. My poor staff. ‘Cause there ain’t anything we can do about it before next week.

And Of Course, we also had our all time favorite children’s book salesman calling at 10 - and we can’t miss that opportunity. And Of Course we had promised out the LCD projector to one of the local service groups but didn’t have a VGA cable and Radio Shack has closed down so I had to go to the horrible computer store I had promised myself I’d never shop in and purchase one. And Of Course Of Course Of Course.

So - I am breezing off today to Staunton with nothing but a wave good-bye for the library. But not before I go into town and get my nails done - because nobody can teach knitting with grubby nails. And then home again to load up the car. And then I am off.

I’ll be back Monday, then off Tuesday for a 33rd wedding anniversary holiday, then back Wednesday for a library board meeting, and then off Thursday and Friday to the library director’s meeting. Then back for Saturday’s bluegrass festival at Menokin. Whew.

Well, as I said. I’ll be back Monday. With Pictures.

posted by Bess | 7:31 AM