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Love the popsicle yarn!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007  

Still knitting on the little projects - but I hear through the ether-line there are 2 pair of Addi Turbo Lace needles on their way to me. Lace may be leaping onto needles any moment now. Shiver. I’ve turned the heel on that jitterbug sock.

It’s not going to be quite as elegantly balanced as the original, which had an uneven number of pattern repeats, so that one arrow of lace went down the center of the instep. But it will be balanced enough and best of all - it makes this sock yarn look more interesting (to me, at least). It cried out for texture. I don’t mind the vivid stripes. I’ve always wanted to try this pattern. The socks will be arresting if nothing more. They may also be done soon. Now that I’ve memorized the pattern it’s just a matter of stitching away.

This is the book that contains the lace pattern I'm using. It's that central photo on the cover - sorry I couldn't get a closer view. The book was a gift from my dear friend L.

Glorious spring weather is also flooding my world - yesterday morning when I stepped out the front door I could see the beech tree had unfurled it’s silky green leaves.

(Hello my pretties)

Since we don’t have either a crepe myrtle or a sycamore in the yard, this is always the last thing to leaf out. In the mornings, when I look through the window, my forest is all fringed and shimmery and cloaked in greenery. No more golden light slanting through the silver grey of tree bark, it’s all emerald jewelry set in gold. It’s truly stunning.

Nature’s great beauty is a powerful aid these days, in getting through some suddenly and surprisingly tough weeks. Not counting recent Current Events, and Family Needs, there are AtWork issues! Last winter I allowed a part time employee to go on an extended vacation - 2 months - and my full time assistant got sick for weeks and weeks. Now the full timer is on vacation and my part timer is out sick! So here we are just as short staffed as we were in the winter. Yikes! I had planned to take the week after MS&W off, but I’m thinking not now - work I would be doing in the background is on hold while the two souls left are out front helping people find Good Books.

It’s funny about my plans - because there are lots of them that aren’t anywhere near on schedule. This doesn’t bother me too much because planning (did you say daydreaming?) is one of my favorite things to do. I love my plans. They’re like plots in a good novel. Note how I equate them with good novels, but then, I am writing them and they’re all about MEMEMEME.
A plan is an opportunity. It’s the chance to time-travel or ride a flying carpet to an imagined place. It’s ... yes... it’s choice. It’s one way I could go if nothing interfered. Of course, things always do interfere and besides, it was only one way. Another way may be just as much fun, or more fun, or may bring to light things I hadn’t thought about when I first wrote those plans. Like - since I don’t have any wooden needles in size 4, the silk lace I’m trying to knit on my old blunt tipped Addis is going to slide like a cartoon character on a banana peel.

Ahh but there you have it. My Addi Lace Tips are on their way and I’m back to the beginning again. Woo Woo - I am thinking a silk lace top for springtime.

But if I’m planning to go to work today - and I am: it’s Wednesday and we all know what Wednesday means - I better get goin’.


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