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Hang in there! Satellite's comin'!

By Blogger Mary, at 2:29 PM  

Hmmmm. Now I'm thinking that by "IT" you didn't mean "I.T.", as I first assumed. Doh! (Sometimes I can be a little dense...).

I think everyone is grieving, as more details and victims' names are released. The only way I know to cope is to pray for those families.

By Blogger Mary, at 2:33 PM  

Hugs to you. And prayers as well.

If I may be so presumptuous as to offer advice:

turn off the radio, don't look at the newspaper, don't look at online news (I know you don't have a tv so I won't mention that). Declare a 24 hour news-fast in the name of mental health.

Go home, work in the garden, play with the dogs, cook dinner. Do things in the here-and-now. Do the things that keep life going. Spin. Knit. Think about knitting a gift for someone.

If it were me, I'd prescribe listening to a baseball game on the radio and sewing on a quilt, but you're not me so I don't know exactly what it is that brings you best peace, but I'm guessing it's some combo of the things I listed above.

I feel for you. I'm unsettled about it and I'm a thousand miles away. One of the curses of living in a connected world is that it's sometimes hard to unplug from the madness.

I hope, as I said, I haven't been presumptuous; I never know quite the right thing to say in these situations but I ascribe to the dictum that "The friend who comes and says the wrong thing is a better friend than the friend who stays away." So maybe I've said the wrong thing, and if I have, I apologize...

By Blogger fillyjonk, at 4:03 PM  

I've remained silent, Dear Bess, simply for lack of words. The anger and the hurt and the tendency to blame are running high. Grieve, but don't try to understand. Quiet cups of tea, hot baths, early-to-beds, good books, knitting, knitting, knitting (preferably gifts)...and a hug from this Canuck, for sure.


By Anonymous Margaret, at 9:55 AM  

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007  

Having a really hard time here, folks, with IT.

posted by Bess | 1:41 PM