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Both of the yarns I really Really want to be knitting right now haven't found a pattern, even after several tries. I think they want to be lace and I just wasn't listening! Thanks, Bess!

By Blogger Jane, at 6:12 AM  

Well I may just have to pick up some Addi Lace Turbos at MS&W next weekend. Skacel should be slipping you a little something under the table for your glowing recommendation! I'm reading Cat Bordhi's "Socks Soar on Two Circulars" right now, and she also waxes poetic about Addis -- of course, she's close friends with the Skacel folks. Can't wait to try the lace versions sometime! And I look forward to seeing the lace you're knitting!

By Blogger Mary, at 12:33 PM  

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Sunday, April 29, 2007  

Did you know how much fun it is to knit lace?!?

Did you know????

Do you know the pleasure of slip slip slipping those tiny silky stitches from one needle to the next and then just flicking that yarn over onto the needle. Oh how I love to come back across on the next row and pick up that little YO. I love the opening it makes in the knitted fabric, I love the way it dances from the needle in a bouncy open airy fluff of knitting. Lace knitting is the most musical of all knitting for me. It has the rhythm that’s missing in stockinette and the melody that cables interrupt when you have to stop and manipulate the stitches with either your fingers or a cable needle. Lace lets you pluck those stitches as if you were playing a harpsichord.

Especially when you knit it with those new Addi Lace needles. You know, the ones that feel like silk in your hands - that let you snick up those little stitches even if you are making them with black yarn - at night - by bedside lamplight?

Yes. I got a pair in the mail yesterday. Joe sent them to me from On The Lamb - the shop I taught in 2 weeks ago. Oh my goodness. My, my, my I ... I adore them. I want to marry them. I want to build a shrine to them.

I’ve always loved Addi Turbos anyway, even though I understand and appreciate the virtues of other needles and can knit on just about anything except a 16” Boye circular. They are too wicked for anybody. I have the KnitPicks circulars and they’re fine. I have used the Denise needles and they’re nice too. I have high dollar exotic wood needles that are beautiful to hold and beautiful to look at. But given the choice, any time, I’d choose an Addi needle. I think it’s the actual metal and weight of those Addi shanks that I love so much. (I haven’t tried their wooden ones but I will someday) In my hands, an Addi circular just feels right. Like it’s what I’m supposed to be holding. Like anything I make with these needles will be exactly what I wanted to be making.

So, even though I’m well into the Second Sock I was already making, I had to cast on a new pair. On that 47” #2 pointy little ballet dancer of a needle. I had to knit some ribbing out of the shiny Regia sock yarn I have - using the magic loop technique - something I never cared for before because I didn’t like how the stiff cables pushed against the stitches. Of course, the sweet soft cable on these new lace needles is soooo gentle with those tiny stitches, they don’t’ mind at all making room for that loop to push through. And of course I wanted to see if knitting on a wooden circular would make silk knitting easier and I’m so enamored of the lace pattern I’m using to knit that Jitterbug yarn that I cast on a swatch on the Clover Bamboo needles I picked up last week, using the very fine lace weight silk yarn that was supposed to be my MS&W entry - but isn’t.

And it is - that is, it’s easier to knit fine silk thread with wooden needles. So there are 3 little lacy things on needles beside my bed right at this very moment. I have my choice of frills to work on. But I think I shall go pick up those Addi lace needles.


Edited to add:

Blogger wouldn't let me in this a.m. when I wrote this post - I'm back to that jitterbug yarn because I want to finish it, but I had a splendid time knitting soft brown regia yarn with glittery gold in it ... on Addi Lace Needles. Whoopee!

And more family stuff on my plate tomorrow so no photos till Tuesday.

posted by Bess | 3:23 PM