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Dearest Bess,
Am catching up on blog reading after being off line for a bit.
Thinking of you & am sending lots of love & light to you & all your family.
Big b'day joyous wishes to BD.

By Blogger Martha, at 10:20 AM  

As always, thanks for publishing the Virgo 'scope news - always appreciate hearing what is upcoming for us.

By Blogger Martha, at 10:21 AM  

Hope you had a fun birthday dinner! Mmmmm, steak!

By Blogger Mary, at 6:32 PM  

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Saturday, March 31, 2007  

Whew. It’s a long climb up from tick-dom to librarianship. I’m glad I had to work only 2 days this week. It’s not that I am so tired - but that I’m so ... tick-like - so immobile. I finally had the good sense to sit down at the cataloging computer and download records into the system. It’s one of those mindless tasks like vacuuming - the sort that accomplishes something that needs to be done, even if it is something someone else could do. It’s the task of choice when I can’t really press my brain into active duty, but I am on the clock. At least we now have a couple dozen new items for people to check out.

And after the little set-to I had with a proscribed library user yesterday, I am particularly glad to see what Mr.Horroscope is offering everybody this morning.

Jupiter forms a harmonious, 120 degree angle to Saturn, once every six years or so. This potent alignment famously promotes peace. People who like to keep things the way that they were, find themselves able, at least partially, to agree with those who are promoting dramatic new ideas. Normally, the influence doesn't last long. This month though, Saturn and Jupiter are both standing still. It is as if they have been frozen in space, exactly at the moment when they have started to form their angle. If anyone, anywhere, needs to build a bridge, deepen a bond, proffer an olive branch, pour oil on troubled waters, heal a wound and create a climate of stronger mutual respect they stand a good chance of developing it in April.

This is good news, although my own advice is a little more pro-active and since I’m not quite yet in the mood to behave harmoniously with a certain someone, I am hoping that this person will, instead, harmoniously move on out of my orbit. Lawsee - I never thought of myself as fractious but you just ought to see how rancorous my heart can get!

J - my Friday could swap for your Tuesday - or march along as its twin.

Knitting progress? I worked a little more on samples for the classes I’ll be teaching at On The Lamb, in Staunton, VA. They’re just 2 weeks away! I want to watch the EZ knitting glossary one more time to firm my understanding of the knitted provisional cast on - which I simply adore for doing a double knitted sock cuff. I want samples at different stages of each of the class projects so I can do a demo at each stage of instruction. Hmm. Good thing we’re driving to Richmond today - or driving somewhere - so I can do some steady stockinette knitting.

Yep. I did just get home, but today is BD’s birthday and we’re going to go play somewhere and then eat out. He wants steak and I am perfectly willing to oblige.

The other thing I did was to pull out my pivotal spinning story and re-read it. I’ve been so fortunate as to get a storytelling gig at the Staunton Public Library on the Sunday following my knitting classes!! Whoopee! I am excited about that too. It will pay for the extra night I’m spending up there and give me more exposure as a storyteller. But best of all, it’s a chance to tell stories. Lawsee, I love to do that. Heck. Why do you think I write this blog? Because I can’t stop talking.

And I do love that story. And I do realize I have other stories I want to create and write and tell. And I do realize that it’s time for me to get serious about that desire and just make like Nike and do it.


Off to celebrate the Birthday.

posted by Bess | 8:03 AM