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You're most welcome. I've reaped many more rewards from that painless gift by seeing great pictures on your blog. As beautiful as you write, sometimes there's nothing like a picture to dazzle and amaze, or just explain.

Plant that weeping willow away from the house and near water (creek, stream, lake, river, etc.,), so that its roots don't invade your water pipes, or else you'll be sorry. They're one of my favorite trees, too. Makes me think of the one(s)? by the lake at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden.

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Thursday, March 15, 2007  

When you have bent your mind, and all its powerful creativity, towards something enormous, challenging, but deeply personal, it’s surreal to have to turn back to the mundane world of everyday life and aim at its ordinary targets. I’m still all wrapped up in adjusting my feelings about the past month's events, yet people want me to get creative about items on their agendas. Some of these agendas are also mine, but the well of commitment is dry at the moment. I just don’t care. I will care at some point, but I don’t care now. All I am doing now is reacquainting myself with living life minus a critical anxiety. And how appropriate that this period of rediscovery should happen just as the first gush of spring surges across Virginia.

On my drive home on Tuesday, the weeping willow trees had turned golden. They are always the first trees to leaf out and they were all bare sticks when I drove to Richmond on Monday. Driving down that stretch of backroad between St. Stephen’s Church and Newtown I pass an 18th century farmhouse with 2 weeping willows in the front yard. They were waving like golden flags, reminding me that I have always wanted to have one in my yard. These are fast growing trees. I could have a beauty in 10 years - and I promise myself, here and now, that I am going to plant one this spring.

Springtime songbirds have been serenading us for the past 2 weeks - but they were only letting us know that spring was coming. This week’s temperatures in the high 70’s mean it’s really here. The windows are open upstairs and my front door is propped wide too. Dogs can come and go at will. Before long there will be wheat dolphins in the fields and this year I will try to capture this rare sighting on film and post it for you. Thank you again, Miss M, for the gift of a camera. BD has already taken some trips out on the river. Boating in springtime can be tricky because the tides are so extreme and if low tide wants to be in the middle of the day, no boat, even his flat long sharpie, can get in and out of our dock. The pier in spring is often across mudflats, not water. It’s always a fun guess for me to see how early we can go swimming. Early usually means around mid-May but there was one spring when we dove in on our wedding anniversary - April 17.

Yee gads. That reminds me that I haven’t done our income taxes yet. Sheesh. I believe that I will hold my big darling to it tonight - since most of the gathering has to do with his business, not the household income. Well - we need not talk about that on a fiber blog. We will talk, instead, about what I have been up to with the needles.

Yeah. The white space means not much. There ought to be some real fiber news over the next few days, though. It may be that I have an empty weekend coming up and if that’s so, I will fill it with fiber. I did start on my February Almanac Project, though I’m glad now that it’s March and even a tee tiny big glad DST (which I loathe) burglarized an hour of my precious early morning light, because the FAP is knit in black yarn, which is hard to see in ordinary lamp light. No KipFee knitting. I’m still at the Got To Weave In Those Ends bit before I can finish off the bottom. I am going to quit making promises about working on it. I will just reveal it in all its splendor when it’s done.

So. Precious little fiber news. Still trying to get the internal gyroscope to stabilize my soul. Getting there, though, and feeling the goodness. Loving the world. Can’t ask for much more than, that, hmmm?

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