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By Blogger Mary, at 12:50 PM  

You silly thing! As if you would post something hurtful if you could! Shame shame. I am deleting that comment toot sweet.


I love you!

By Blogger Bess, at 2:14 PM  

Dearest Bess,
Glad you had such a gem of a week-end & hope that it was a total peach for you.

By Blogger Martha, at 7:29 PM  

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Saturday, March 17, 2007  

The things people say. Once someone told me that she didn’t read my blog because I write too much. Even infrequently, it was too hard to keep up with it. Since I hadn’t asked her if she read my blog, her words were a bit of a surprise and it took a while for me to wrap my brain around a motivation that wasn’t intended to be rude. In the end I figured she was just trying to apologize for not keeping up with my life, which is something I don’t expect her, or anyone else, to do anyway. At least, it’s not the reason I keep a blog. I do it for myself mostly, to put the self out there in some third person environment, to look at it with some objectivity or at least, to have a record of what I thought it was when I wrote about it. Almost any comments from others who read this are welcome because they help shed a little light on things I might not be noticing.

And so, today's post is just another one of those attempts at objectivity.

Ahh well. I must take my cue from Bobby Burns, who said
"O wad some Power the giftie gie us,
To see oursels as ithers see us..."
And the only real rules for blogging are to be courteous and to not take it personally.

As for the Life Of The Queen in Third Person - her Present State came about in a totally unplanned manner. After having made plans to be with friends, then changed them to be with parents, then changed them to be with TheKing and Royal Younglings, then found TheKing and ThePrince off and away, she has suddenly found herself Alone in TheCastle! And is she suddenly glad. Wow!

I have Time Alone and I plan to spend it cleaning, attending a friends gallery opening, going to the gym, reading, writing and knitting. And taking some pictures, of course.

Happy weekend to you all.

posted by Bess | 12:05 PM