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Hi Bess,
You will be in my prayers! See you in a little less than two weeks! Yipee!

By Anonymous Patti, at 12:43 AM  

You're in my prayers this weekend, too, in addition to the prayers of the ladies in my prayer group.

I love your sock, and that afterthought heel is way cool -- I need to look into that one of these days.

By Blogger Mary, at 3:40 PM  

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Thursday, March 01, 2007  

Long silences like this aren’t typical of TheQueen but I have had a combination of early morning meetings, hair cuts, trips to Richmond that have kept me away from my normal leisurely stroll across the keyboard. It’s likely to be this way for some time. While we were able to deal with the immediate crisis of aging parents last week, we haven’t actually moved any closer to real solutions. This weekend I’m off again to the House-0-Denial to see if real progress can be made. Heh. So. My loves. I am asking for a new prayer this time around. Please see me finishing up the mining of the paperwork in one weekend. Because I am smack in the middle of budget time at work, teaching schedule in my fiber life and BD needs to drive off with the car in about a week. There are Things To Do.

Poor KipFee weeps in the bag beside Pop’s chair. All the pieces for the samples for March 10th’s class have gone into hiding. I can re-knit them but I would prefer not to - since they then must be sewn up. I ordered the supplies for the kits yesterday but didn’t ask for rush order - I hope they haven’t sent it out yet because I’m going to call and offer to pay the extra for 3 day delivery. It’s bad enough I had to go buy socks for BD because I haven’t been able to do laundry for 3 weeks. There’s a load running right now because I’ll be home early enough to bring it in off the line this evening. Thank goodness we’re moving into spring, not winter.

But the real reason I’ve been so sluggish about posting is that it would just be too easy to start listing the woes and demands clawing at me and making jaded comments about people who can’t play nicely. And then I’d start to sound miserable, when the truth is - outside of the cloak of demands that wants to wrap itself around me - no - in spite of it - I feel really happy. The mornings are so pretty this time of year when the birds are singing their springtime songs, which, believe me, in the country, is quite a chorale. The coffee smells so delicious percolating on the stovetop. Bad dogs have dragged vile things out of the woods and lie in the front yard, warning their siblings with low growls to stay away, while giving me those innocent looks and wagging tails. They know their prizes are safe from me. All the little routines of life are in place and have such a comforting feel to them. Ha! Even knowing I won’t get to clean the house this weekend tickles up a little wistful feeling because that humble tidying of my environment seems like a precious ritual instead of the usual burdensome HouseWork.

I did knit the cutest wee sock as part of a demo kit of sock techniques. I made my first afterthought heel and I am in love. It’s pretty. It’s easy. It’s clever. It’s swift. I am not sure it won’t become my favorite heel. Here is a picture. Too bad it’s in a dark yarn so the stitching may not show up. Clever clever knitters, to think up such fiber engineering. Love that heel

One of these days I will gussie-up-grade the sidebar of this blog. And come this summer, when there is a new computer and satellite internet in TheCastle, I’ll fully re-vamp the whole layout. Those of you who still stop by - especially those of you who comment and send me encouragement - please know how much I appreciate your loving gifts. They, too, are a very big part of why I am happy in spite of all the chaos whirling around right now. I thank you from the very bottom of my heart.

posted by Bess | 7:50 AM