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Strength and peace to you this day, and may the "asteroid's" orbit take it away from your sphere again.

By Blogger fillyjonk, at 8:19 AM  

May you take comfort in knowing that you do not, in fact, have the world's filthiest house. That honor belongs to me.

So sorry about the asteroid. How would you have us pray about it?

By Blogger Mary, at 11:15 AM  

Beautifully put. Having just found your blog, I'm new to your saga but want to send you a great big hug and Thanks for taking such good care of your parents. I have a certain dread of where you are now, having spent six weeks with my Dad in FL last spring before and after a hospital stay, and six weeks this winter with my Mom in MD for her to have both knees done. My sisters have not helped at all. You are fortunate to have family who can and will be there with you. But still, it is hard for so many reasons, isn't it. And it's what needs to be done.

By Blogger Margaret, at 2:15 AM  

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Sunday, March 11, 2007  

It really does pour when it rains, doesn’t it? Smack in the middle of the mega-mind shift of Mama moving into a nursing home, the only real nemesis of my life manages to come knocking on my door again. An asteroid that did almost irreprable damage the last time it’s orbit crossed mine, is back again. I’d really hoped its arc was greater than that - had hoped it was gone for good. That hope was dashed. Sometimes life really sucks.

It’s too old and too sad and too grimy and too common a story to go into on a fiber blog but I can’t help muttering something an employee of mine used to say. “Life’s a bitch. And then you die.”

And then she died.


But wait! There’s KipFee news. Yes. I finished the i-cord bindoff of the button band. I still need to do an i-cord trim around the bottom - and I need to weave in some few yarn ends before I do that. There is a sleeve to weave to a body - some 22 Kitchener stitches - and all the ends on that sleeve to weave in. I think I shall wet-block before I tack down the facings, since I might do that with sewing thread, which has no give to it. Of course, I may also split the yarn I knit it with into singles and sew the facings down with that. Gotta see how it looks - after everything is smooth, relaxed and blooming.

If I didn’t have the world’s filthiest house I might get to the wet blocking stage today. That would be a rare treat since it would likely be dry by Tuesday for Tuesday Night Knitters. eh. I’ll just have to see how much I can get done. The happiness is that it will be done this week.

My class yesterday was very nice. There were 5 women, one with a little knitting experience, 2 who were sure they couldn’t learn and 2 who were sure they could. One was right, but I believe (hope) there was enough humor and patience for even the one who was right to have a pleasant day. The other 4 all made bunnies and knit a little circle of ribbing on 2 circular needles. Everyone at the meeting - (about 60 quilters) fell in love with those Heartstrings bunnies. We covered gauge, properties of stockinette, fixing common errors, reading your knitting and a host of other knitting knowledge. As I said - I’m pretty durn sure everyone felt they got their money’s worth.

But my goodness. 5 hours of beginner knitting is a lot. Usually when I teach beginners I give them a lesson - cast on, knit, purl - and then they go home and knit 4 inches of ribbing on a small circular needle. One week later they come back with the cuff of a hat knit and we’re ready to start increasing and doing colorwork. Week three is decreases, completion and review. In short, students and teacher get a break when they can assess what they’ve learned/taught so far. Questions can be answered. Minds are ready for New Information. It’s not that a 5 hour beginner session doesn’t’ work. It just works differently.

The delight in teaching something I love to people eager to learn it went a long way to putting me in a better mood though. I keep clinging to those happy moments as I slog my way through these tough days. And I know there are Other Good Things ahead. Other Really Good things like - yippeeee! I am going to be doing a story telling performance on the Sunday the day after I teach in Staunton at On The Lamb this April. (14th and 15th) It will be at the Staunton Public Library - a kick-off program for National Library Week. Cute, hmmm? Just about the only thing I like more than teaching fiber arts is telling stories. To get to do both in the same weekend is pure bliss.

So. Off I go to yank my mind onto Good Things. Strong positive things. Yes stuff. Prosperous Soul Lifting Stuff. Reminding myself to go only where there is joy.

posted by Bess | 7:25 AM