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So glad to hear how well things are going on the family front. Prayer is most definitely a powerful thing.

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007  

I wish I could let my sister tell you about yesterday in her own words - because they are so eloquent, but it seems a bit like "telling her stuff" and she’s not here to give permission. Suffice it to say she hit 6 out of 6 and if you heard any loud cheering around 5 o’clock, that was her fan club as she walked back to home plate, arms raised above her head.

Upshot - I am back to Richmond today to help her take the parents to lunch at an assisted living facility that Sister truly liked. It was as nice as Sigh,Salisbury,Sigh but a little less expensive - and minus the $1K non-refundable holding fee. If we are all satisfied, Mama moves on Monday. Best of all, there is no immediate (perhaps none ever) pressure for Dad to sell his house. Since an intermediate move would be horribly costly in both our time and emotional strength, and probably cash too, I’d just as soon he stay put. I think he’ll get lonely in that house, by himself, and if Mama is having a good time he might just want to join her.

I’m still holding on to the beautiful images in my heart and mind; the ones where my parents are in safe places, where the daily struggles are eased and all their energy can be expended on pleasures, joys and interests. Where we can visit often and find them with eyes alert and full of things to say. Where it doesn’t feel like a hospital unless one of them is actually sick, not just old.
Even my sister, who thinks prayer is whining, had to admit she’s been praying this past week. But I know that prayer, along with all the other ways we tap into the spiritual world, are the tools we were born to use, the ones we were given right from the start, to make it possible to go over rough ground. I’m not a proselytizer. I pretty much believe in letting people work it out for themselves. But I was glad to hear she had opened up her heart a bit and she told me herself she was saying thank you all the way from Chippenham Parkway to Maidens Road.

So. Is this a knitting blog? Fiber blog? Well, no it’s really just TheQueen’s blog and F stuff has been the important stuff lately. I picked up the supplies for my Saturday class. Yum. Each student gets 2 circular needles, size 7; 2 skeins of yarn, one white one pastel; 1 darning needle and some paper handouts. I’ll start them with the knitted on cast on and we’ll make the little bunny from the Heartstrings website. This will give them a chance to learn cast-on, bind-off, knit and purl. With the square that makes up the bunny body they can learn how to measure gauge and see the nature of stockinette stitch - which curls up and back. The little bunny ears teach how to decrease.

The next thing I’ll show them is how to knit with 2 circular needles and we’ll make a little doll’s hat. (oh. yeah. I better knit one today. Lawsee!) The purpose for the hat is to teach them how to increase and how to combine knit and purl into rib. If there is time I’ll show them how to do a simple little cable and what that looks like on a chart. I have 5 hours to teach, with a break for lunch. We’ll do the bunny in the morning. Right before lunch I want to do a lecture about how to look at knitting patterns (and their lying fashion layout photos) in a critical way so they don’t knit for months on a sweater that makes them look horrible after they put it on. I’ll go re-read Maggie Rhigetti’s chapter on that when I’m done here.

TheKipFee? What’s that? My sweater? Huh?

Oh. That thing.

Well, I looked at it yesterday. About all I had the energy to do. I have had slog work on my desk for weeks. What I did was plow through about 60% of it - maybe 70%. I will get back to TheKipFee sometime. That’s about all I can promise.


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