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I was one of the lucky ones yesterday...I got to see you in your BEAUTIFUL Sweater. You looked amazing and sexy! I was thinking about you all day yesterday and remembering how you about a fashion plate! I had this great idea, now before you say "no way" just give it a try....go try on some 2" leather mules with that outfit. You have the legs for it and oh, how stylish and young and fancy free it woudl look. Now, just try 'em, I know you are not a fan of Mules, but I could not help but think how good they would look with that very outfit you had on.
Love you,

By Anonymous Patti, at 8:07 AM  

Bess, I'm so glad I came over to visit your daily blog. So sorry to know of the tornado of personal stress and worry you have about your parents. And so fascinated to learn of your Storytelling interest. I once attended a conference (Women in Aviation) where they had a storyteller. She retold the events of Amelia Earhart's final flight. I was absolutely captivated and so engaged in the story it seemed like there was no one else in the room. Of course I also adore the great storyteller, Garrison Keillor. I must say that just knowing this about you instantly raises you to be among my favorite people in the world. Now I can say... "I know this storyteller..." :)

By Blogger Laura, at 2:02 PM  

Your excitement and joy over the finished KipFee are palpable and infectious. I'm smiling and excited FOR you, as I type this. And oh, so happy for you, too. Congratulations, my friend! :-)

By Blogger Mary, at 4:25 PM  

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Thursday, March 22, 2007  

I love the compliments on MissKipFee. Thank you thank you thank you! With butterflies and smiles and tweety birds and all!

The KipFee made her debut yesterday at the umptyseventieth Ginter Park Womans Club Annual Spring Fashion Show. Thanks to C, who invited me, I was able to bring my darling sweater out in public at a complimentary event. Great fun was had by all, but most of all, by TheQueen, who was definitely in the mood to celebrate. Completing an all over fair isle sweater knit for an ample sized woman on size 3 needles is a triumph under any circumstances. When an ENFP like me, who grieves over every completion, finishes such a project it’s almost a miracle. When she does it the same week her dad falls in the bathroom and can’t get up till sister arrives an hour and a half later and her library’s computer network is taken over in a CYBERsitter coup and crashes to a complete halt ... Well! Well now. I mean, WOW!

Who wouldn’t celebrate?

First to set you at ease on the non-knitting peripherals. Daddy is okay for now, though definitely not in a safe place and resisting a move - but the struggles are weakening and I think a breakthrough is not far away. The IT priest did long-distance incantations and walked me through completely cleaning out the network via a 2 hour telephone call.

Now on to the Good Stuff.

Over the past month I had been avoiding that poor KipFee as it languished in the project bag, giving as my excuse that I didn’t want to knit on her while such turmoil swirled around my life. There was some justification for the delay, for I worried that I’d make mistakes on it, at this finishing stage, that would leave me with a shabby home made looking sweater instead of a high class hand crafted jewel. But there was Plenty of Procrastination going on too. Angst that the sweater wouldn’t fit. Angst that the edging would look shabby. Angst about the bottom curling. Angst that the changes I’d made in this pattern were going to be ALL WRONG. There was just that little danger of this becoming another mouse hotel in my attic.

But just a little.

And it’s worth it to analyze just what made the difference this time. You lucky things, you. Time for a List!

How The KipFee Got Her Groove

1. This sweater was fun to knit. The yarn felt just right and flowed onto the needles obediently. The color changes came frequently enough to keep me wanting to "knit just one more row".
2. I knew the sweater would fit because I’d tried it on several times. Thank goodness for seamless circular sweaters.
3. I am a better knitter than I was the last time I knit a challenging garment - which was when I knit the tragically lost Flidas. I know I can work out difficulties and shaping and, oh, those decide-as-you-knit problems that crop up ... as you knit! I’ve done it before so I can do it again.
4. That Knitters Almanac I wrote last January. It is full of Things I Want To Do! Really want to do. Things I might forget I wanted to do if I hadn’t written them down. And, not only was finishing the KipFee one of the things I wanted to do (Oh. Yeah. I wanted to finish that sweater.) but [also] there were Other Things I wanted to do too. And just how cooperative do you think they would have been if I’d betrayed a gorgeous, almost finished KipFee? I am sure the silk lace I’ve been trying to swatch has done nothing but tangle because it was firmly on the side of it’s sweater sister, Miss KipFee. Can’t you hear it whisper in disgust "Really. I am not having anything to do with a knitter who’d abandon a real honest to goodness, almost finished KipFee. I’m just gonna slip right on off of these needles and tangle myself on the floor. Better yet! I think I’ll wind myself around all those sock yarn bits in the knitting basket."
I really do better with a plan. Life can intervene, so I don’t have to follow the plan to the letter, but I do have to live my life true to the fundamental urges that prompted it.
5. I also believe going public helped. Blogging about this sweater, joining a KAL, sharing it with my knitting group all involved my pride. I couldn’t start another project while folk were waiting to see what the KipFee looked like. I just couldn’t get that close to the end and then walk away, if others were watching. Oh shallow gal who cares what Other People Think.

But man oh man, you Other People, thank you for thinking. Or at least, for letting me think you were thinking, because thinking about you thinking about me kept me from pretending that it would be okay to go think about something else.

Huh. I don’t know where the literary muse went this morning. I’ve spent hours writing this and really - I ought to have more to show for all my cogitating and typing. I wanted to write about the Things I Learned while knitting this sweater - don’t worry - I shall at some future date. There are Many Lists to come out of this sweater. I suppose I’m still just too excited about a Finished Object to wax eloquent. Still doing that Happy Dance.

In fact, I was dancing so happily yesterday I danced right on into a store and bought myself some new spring clothes. Transition stuff that is likely to be too hot for the summer but not warm enough for winter. Three quarter length blouses and the absolutely cutest cargo pants and a very swirly linen skirt that is not ruffly, just swirly. I think I shall wear it today.

If I can get BD to take a good picture of me in TheKipFee, I’ll post it later today.

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