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Hooray for KipFee! Looking forward to photos! :-)

By Blogger Mary, at 12:26 PM  

Oh, I can't wait to see the photos! I like to wash rather than steam, too -- it just seems right.

By Blogger Jane, at 7:01 AM  

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Monday, March 19, 2007  

I got the KipFee News but No Photos Bloohoos.

Of course I’m not blue at all. I’m delighted and excited. I washed that lovely sweater yesterday, spun it almost dry in the washing machine, and sculpted it out to dry on the dining room table. I intended to post photos today but I left the cable at home. I will remember tomorrow.

I actually wet blocked the sweater before I tacked down the facings, sewed on the buttons or made the final decision about putting an i-cord trim around the bottom edge. That last feature is what drove my decision because I couldn't decide if I wanted the i-cord along the bottom or if I wanted some other finish. Also - I wasn't sure I would like a tiny brown i-cord at the bottom - if it would like strange. Since blocking, I think it will look strange knit in brown and I'm going to do some sort of bottom finish in black. I am probably going to do a single crochet edge because I want to wear the sweater on Wednesday and I won't have time to do an i-cord edging in such a short time-frame. If I don't like the crochet edging I can always take it out and do the i-cord.

Other news about this sweater is that it blooms yet flattens beautifully when blocked. Since I’ve lugged the poor thing around and knit on it in a wood stove heated living room, and it was just plain dirty, I actually washed it. Of course, I always prefer wet-blocking over steam blocking. I always worry that I'll steam in dirt that won't ever wash out when I steam block something. Probably not the case, but it's just a little quirky worry of mine.

The pre-blocked sweater felt all scrunchy and soft and puffy while knitting it, but wet-blocking flattened it out beautifully. This yarn knits a fabric with lots of mobility in it - you can block it a little wider if you think you've knit a bit skimpily - or longer if you think it's a bit too wide or too short. In fact, if I were advising anybody about using this yarn I would tell them to knit a swatch and wet-block it just to see how the fabric behaves. (Not that I do this, oh no. I just start right on knitting and trust to Athena to watch over me.)

So. Happy news. Photos tomorrow. Debut on Wednesday.

posted by Bess | 11:18 AM