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No internet access - ack! The dark ages! Hope it comes back for you. Can't wait to see finished KipFee pictures -- especially of you modeling it! :-)

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007  

Cybersitter has taken control of the library’s entire network and has shut down 100% of the internet. No internet at the library is a little like no fruits and vegetables in the grocery store. You won’t starve, but about half your needs won’t be met. Calcium, check, vitamin C, nope. I also don’t have an in-house IT person. The county doesn’t have one either. We’re all on our own with this sort of problem and my guy is a fellow who leaves for house calls before I get to work and can only be contacted through --- you guessed it --- e-mail. Oh, I can get in touch also via an answering service and I put in a call last night before I went home - after I’d heard from the ISP guy that e-mail is coming in but everything we try to send out, including requests for web sites, is being blocked by the Evil One. The High Priest of Technology may show up. He may call back. I may be told to read the CyberSitter manual, which is probably what I will be doing today. And I will write More the next time I’ve got a little bit of time to wax on and on. Slept a little late this a.m., for tossing and turning all night, worrying about the Situation at work.

Long and short of this is there will be no photos of my beautiful KipFee for a day or so. I have to be out of the office tomorrow, no matter what is going on with our internet access. I will put the pictures on a memory stick, though, and I’ll post them if I am around a high speed machine anytime in the next day or so. Or if wizards show up today and make everything right and tight. Or if a miracle occurred while I was asleep and the connection is working again when I go in. One never knows. Miracles do happen.

Like the finishing of TheKipFee last night. Yes I did. All except the buttons which don’t have to be sewn on before I can wear this lovely thing. I had intended to save it for tomorrow when I want to look fashionable - but I also really want to wear it today because I can. Guess I’ll decide when I get dressed - which - yikes! had better be in 20 minutes.

Ta. (doing happy dance)

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