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I'm glad the move to Beta Blogger was so uneventful. I hope it is that way for me, as well.

Come to Richmond and go button shopping with me at Couture! And if we're forced to hit The Knitting Basket and perhaps the Yarn Lounge while we're at it, well, who could blame us? ;-)

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Monday, February 12, 2007  

Well, it didn’t take all that much courage to move to the new blogger - that is - I am not daunted by computer geek stuff. I’m more hampered by the hard stuff - like crustedly ancient computer on dial-up. This will change fairly soon. BD is working on a project that involves a tremendous amount of e-mailing of large graphical files. The joke is, he’s mastered how to do it on this equipment. Mastered it, that is, if one can make such a claim when it takes 45 minutes for him to get his file - if he doesn’t get bounced from our carrier or the sending server doesn’t just disconnect. I hadn’t realized he was devoting that much time to playing the waiting game, but there you have it. He’s almost finished this project and he promises me that once that’s over we will get the satellite guys in and (I am hoping) get a machine that will talk to them.

But I’d heard early switchers were having trouble with the move, loosing their blog name, having to start anew. I didn’t want to loose my poor blog behind a wall of BetaBloggerBlocking. I also didn’t want to change my name, though I am certainly ready to gussie up the template. I figured, sooner or later they were going to force me to switch and they did on Saturday. I couldn’t log on to Old Blogger, even though they gave me the option. I was sent to a "You Must Use Your Google Account. We Will Help You Choose One."

Talk about Big Brother!

Wasn’t I lucky they didn’t storm TheCastle and tear it down?

But in the mean time, I have decided that I will not spend the 2 most productive personal hours of my day playing solitaire while I wait for the in-box on Hotmail to open up. I give it 30 minutes to check my e-mail and horoscope, maybe write a blog post and then I’m outta here. I have things to do.

Like - finishing that button band. I don’t have the buttons and am slightly undecided about how big to make those button holes. I’m on the row where the button hole must be made. I think a 4 stitch button hole ought to be big enough for most any button I might buy. I have lots of buttons - thousands of buttons - but I don’t have enough of either brown or red buttons of the correct size for this sweater. I could just make the button holes and buy buttons to fit. I may do that (in the next 30 minutes) or I may wait till I see what’s for sale in town today. I don’t want anything fancy for buttons, nor anything heavy. The KipFee is fancy enough. I also struggled with how many buttons I’ll want. 7 is the usual, the pattern calls for 14 little black ones. I marked 7 places and it looks okay but I believe I’ll make 9. More buttons means smaller holes. I’ll make a 4 stitch button hole and see what it looks like - if I don’t like it I can rip it out and make a 3 stitch one.

Because darling wise clever generous Meg Swansen made the most wonderful video on Cardigan Details and I have watched it and remembered about that one row button hole. So I can make one and rip it out without having to rip out a whole row of button band stitches. She even shows you how to do the clever knitting math to figure out how to space your button holes. Meg is a counter and I have secret counting tendencies myself. (Yep. I count how many rows I knit in the body of a sock and then knit that same number on the second sock.)

I have some photos. I may post them today or I may wait till I am finished. I’m close. Oh so close to done. But to get there, I’d best log off.

Ta. And Good Knitting to you ALL!

P. S. I’m really really really really really happy with this sweater.

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