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Thank you for the progress report. And yes, I'm still sending bliss-wishes your way.

I've been all out of sorts since hearing the news about C. We've never even met, yet I am as fond of her and her feistiness as I would be of anyone I "know."

"Miss Merck Manual" makes me laugh. I know her well! :)

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007  

Thank you all for the loving posts and the silent prayers you’ve sent my way. I can feel them every time I stop rushing around and open up to them. There’s no news about Dad - who is still in hospital undergoing tests. They’re treating him for pneumonia and [my sister hopes] he will be released to re-hab. I go up today - to do some paper sorting and make plans to go back and do some more, probably this weekend. But BD is going with me today and we are going to fit in some serious play as well. Our CD player died a week or so ago and we are going to get a new one. We’ll dine out too and for the first time in months and months I believe we will slide over into the wicked zone and have ourselves a little steak dinner.

Had a long talk with Miss Merck Manual - my eldest sister - who loves to spew out technical medical jargon. I have good ear filters and can hear the woman beneath the multisylabicism and even hear the real insight when there is some. I have always felt that my dad never felt alive till he was functioning in a crisis and if there wasn’t one - he’d stir one up. It was no way to grow up, though I suspect many children did/do. An adrenaline junkie, as I put it - and when I used that term last night she cried out "Yes! Post Traumatic Stress Disorder!"- and listed the clinical process by which the brain grows addicted to the endorphins that rush through it when it's survived a great struggle.

Lawsee - what a world. Where do we calm junkies come from, hmm? We slugs who think 100 days of soft bliss should be followed by 100 more? Ahh well. I believe I shall look out for my still waters and slip into the dock quietly. I have knitting to do.

I have another request to make for more of your love. Catherine - C who is my secret twin - is gravely ill. Please send your wishes, prayers and loving thoughts winging her way. I met her in 03 on the Knitters Review Forums. She was part of the great 2003 wave of knit bloggers who surged onto the internet. I met her in person in 04 when she came o the KR Retreat. We’ve been counting on a second tour of MS&W this spring. Last week she collapsed suddenly of a brain aneurysm. Fortunately she was at work and rushed to the hospital. Surgery was performed but she’s still in the most delicate condition - if delicate can be applied to as feisty and strong spirited a human as ever walked.

Again - please add her to your prayers.

The KipFee is waiting patiently in the wings as I dash about for work and family. It’s funny that I thought something might hold up her completion back when I wrote out my 2007 Knitter’s Almanac and allowed for a month of catch-up before summer. She will keep. She’s made of wool. Instead, I have a lap full of socks. Mama’s are done, btw.

And so - may your day be the first of the 100 days of bliss and may all your knitting be Good Knitting.

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