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I sympathize with the fear of completion. Many of the more distasteful tasks occur after the fun of the knitting is finished. But I'll bet that you'll like the cut neckline a lot better after you knit on the band....

I'm guessing that whatever brings you to Richmond on Thursday will keep you busy, but if you have free time, the Maymont Flower & Garden show is at the convention center. I'll be going for a couple of the lectures, and then of course, touring the exhibits and vendors. If you have time and want to meet up, give me a holler!

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007  

Sometimes I see a post, usually on Knitters Review, since I look there the most, and it’s so badly spelled the person comes across as 98% illiterate. My first thought is - oooo poor thing. Someone ought to tell her to type it first on a word processing document and run spell check on it. Control C/V will cut and paste it if her browser doesn’t give her the edit option. Believe me, if I didn’t do this I would barely be understood. I can’t spell worth jack.

So it’s particularly disheartening that the New Blogger won’t take apostrophes from a .doc file, inserting instead one of those weird symbols. And over in the sidebar, it put little rectangles where the punctuation should go - even when I logged onto blogger and risked humiliation by typing into the raw template.

Ahh well.

That is what makes me blasé about technology. It’s so arbitrary in its behavior, so undependable. It’s why I always take a library patron’s word for it when they say they brought a book back. After all, why should I believe a computer over a human. There isn’t any more veracity in one than in another.

Now, Missy A, I have put TheKipFee in the bag for a few days - partly because I am so close to the end and such an ENFP I’ll do anything to avoid closure. I have rounded the second neck-band corner and am coming down the button-hole band. Then there will be the i-cord foundation, the weaving in of the right sleeve, the blocking and the sewing of buttons and tacking down of the facing (what I am dreading).

The other reason for delay is that I don’t like the places where I cut away the steek in the neckline. I am regretting I didn’t make an Elizabeth Zimmermann kangaroo pouch neckline, which is vastly more elegant than the cut neckline. So much so, the cut neckline looks like a rebuke.

Of course there is nothing like a rebuking project, whining in a basket about how you done it wrong, to chase you into vigorous activity to prove that you are a worthy person who does so complete things if only they deserve to be completed and don’t complain. Mama’s first sock, for example. I’ll cast on the second righ away, since it turns out I am going up there on Thursday. (I want to buy some sock blockers like J has. I love the look of a blocked sock as an object of beauty in and of itself.) And I conquered that short row heel construction - yea me! And the mini sweater for the April class - very cute and fun to knit in spongy, silky Aurora8.

But we all know, all that activity is but a smoke screen to mask Dread of Completion. And so I offer up this Queenly Oath. I must go to Richmond on Thursday . I hereby vow that before I leave TheKipFee will be knit and blocked and spread out flat on towels on the dinning room table.

But with that vow - I am off - to knit i-cord bind-offs.

posted by Bess | 6:58 AM