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Ah, yes...medical madness! My DH used to experience it from time to time...once, quite seriously and awfully in a recovery room (but that's another story). Hopefully you will find something that works just as well -- sans nuttiness! As for all that math, I have to come back and read your blog later in the day to follow it clearly! ;-)


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And don't forget Caitlins and Madisons. Yikes!

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Monday, February 05, 2007  

No photos today. boo hoo. No progress either, except in the Knowledge and Understanding area - where I learned that I must change how I’m knitting up the shoulders. I need to decrease the number of Fawn & Yellow rows by 1. Oh here - let me see if I can explain it so that you can see what I’m talking about. If you do - let me know - and if you don’t let me know too.

As I mentioned the day before, I had 14 sleeve cap stitches left to make a nice flat sleeve cap. Alas, though I realized the truth, I kept thinking I had 16 stitches left. I kept thinking of that decrease stitch as a sleeve cap stitch instead of a body stitch. 16 stitches, half for the front, half for the back. That means 8 rows of back and forth knitting. I planned 2 rows of solid color knitting and 4 rows of colorwork knitting and 2 rows of solid color with a little short row magic in them. That should bring the front and the back together in the center of the sleeve cap,

You all know I realized that I had only 14 stitches left, not the 16 I based my plotting on. I told you so last week, right? So we also know I knew that, right?


Wwhen I knit the beautiful back portion with its attendant short row shaping and then knit the right front with all it’s perfect short row mathmagic what did I get?

You got it - extra front and back rows of knitting and a hole in the center of the sleeve cap.

I didn’t get there till late in the day Sunday because of a very weird experience I had in the morning that left me muddled and sleepy most of the day. Long followers of this blog know I had a bad fall in summer 05 and it went from a bad fall to headaches and back aches, to a disastrous experience with a chiropractor, to chest pains, to a stress test that revealed a shadow on my heart, to a heart catheterization I refer to as that $15,000 bra fitting, to a complete repudiation of all people medical, to a month of physical therapy in January a year ago. From there I began to doctor myself with sleep, water, gentle exercise and an intense listening to my body. Whatever I asked it to do, I really listened to the answer it gave me. That is the slow way to heal, but by early December of this year I was feeling so moxie, so hot, so fit, I got carried away in an exercise class and did Sit Ups. Mind now, I am one of those freaks of nature who adored calisthenics in gym class and was always sorry when we had to go Play A Sport. I like sit-ups. But all last year my back had said “Don’t You Dare!” and I hadn’t. And when I finally overrode my wise body just before Christmas, my back really did begin to trouble me again. Some days worse, some days not so bad. One day bad enough to stay home.

Back on the self prescribed routine of being careful, I’m pretty much better but there are still little symptoms that I thought worth mentioning to the Brand New Boyish Doctor whose name is, like some kindergarten chum of my son's, Ryan!! After lots of manipulation and muscle reflex testing and such he assured me the spine was okay but the muscles along it were cramped and he prescribed a week’s worth of muscle relaxants. Which I was willing to give a try and which I started taking on Friday night. And which made me feel better on Saturday than I had in a looooooong time. But which I am blaming for completely disorienting me yesterday morning. There is a missing hour during which, BD tells me, I was quite nutty. I am glad he was here to witness it because it’s a blank hole in my memory. I certainly remember when I began to come out of it because I knew there was something wrong and it was an hour later. But it took most of the rest of the day for me to feel unmuddled and you can be sure I was in no mood to play with knitting math after I’d already lost 60 minutes of my life to blank mindedness.

I did knit some things for my spring classes and by about 4 o’clock I’d figured out what was wrong with The KipFee shoulders, but all I have done now is to rip out the mistake knitting and reload the needles. I never can seem to work as well on thinking knitting during the week so I shan’t set myself any goals this week except to be happy and LISTEN TO MY BODY!

And to give that doctor a call this a.m.

Do you realize your future is in the hands of Trevors and Ryans and Tylers and Tiffanies?

How glad I am there are socks to knit. Take care.

posted by Bess | 7:55 AM