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In case it snows?! Honey, up here it's been snowing for 5 days, and is currently running around -20C...and colder with the wind. Schools are still open...and the rest of us are knitting on the bus!


By Anonymous Margaret, at 8:45 AM  

They cancelled school here today and closed the library (!), so it's going to be a nice day at home. Looks like the same storm is headed your way. It's amazing what a difference six inches is in rural areas compared to cities. Six inches in Chicago is nothing, here it shuts down the town.

By Blogger erica, at 9:21 AM  

We're pretty bad in my county - but real flakes have to actually fall and the grass has to have become a little bit white.

6 inches would shut us down for a week!

By Blogger Bess, at 10:13 AM  

Alas, just rain here in Richmond. Bummer. I think we're pretty much done for our snow opportunities this winter. Sigh....

By Blogger Mary, at 1:09 PM  

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007  

Mercury, the communication planet, now stands still in the sky. It's a great time to develop misunderstandings or have genuine gestures misinterpreted. It's also a fine time for missing crucial pieces of information. It is hardly, though, the most auspicious climate for sending or receiving Valentine's cards! Even if your missive reaches its intended destination, it may get as far as the "head" of the recipient but fail to reach their heart. Make sure, whatever you do or say, today... or tomorrow, that it is sincere. Commitments made under a stationary Mercury tend to prove very hard to break

Hmmm. Perhaps this the time to make a commitment to the healthier (slimmer) body. I know that Mercury is about to go retrograde for the next 3 weeks so I already know to sign no contracts, make no travel plans and look over everything I thought I’d done in the past to be sure I didn’t forget anything. Since the accountant called over the weekend to complain about my mishandling of QuickBooks - something I told him, up front, had happened because I couldn’t figure out how to use the program - me not being an accountant and all, I know I’ll be looking over that mess this week. I guess I’ll wait till my ruling planet actually begins to "go backwards" - what? Thursday? Yes. I can do that on Thursday.

There now. I am sure you are not interested in my stars, but in my KipFee. Well. I am actually taking a break from garter stitch knitting to write this post. My eyes were getting a little bleary. When I get to concentrating on something that is so close to the finish line I tend to forget to blink. I can type blindfolded and my spelling is going to be bad no matter what, so this is a good way to rest my eyes. I have, though, completed the buttonhole ridge and the next garter ridge following. There are left, 2 rows of black and 2 rows of brown, at which time I will decide if an i-cord bind off would look better, or if I need to put in another ridge (2 rows) of garter stitch.

And then I will take photos.

Okay - my eyes are rested. But I hope, when I’m finished with TheKipFee, I will remember about an observation (not really a rant) I want to make about people who email you things they found out on the internet but never write real stuff about themselves.

Maybe photos tomorrow?

Weather report - counties just north and west of F’burg are closing their schools - in case it snows. Gawd. It’s the attack of the severe weather sprite. I bet they’ll be sorry they committed to that decision.

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