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Do have a good visit with your mom. Hope she likes the socks. I'm a bit like you with my knitting attention. It's got to be pretty simple if I'm going to knit while chatting and, of course, even then I can start doing something totally unrelated to what I'm supposed to be doing. Like binding off just because someone else is doing it.

By Blogger Larry, at 9:11 AM  

Thanks for the link to that new yarn shop -- it's now added to my GPS with all the other Virginia yarn shops. I might need to take a trip to Staunton sometime soon!

Both of the classes you're teaching sound very tempting -- especially the sweater class!

By Blogger Mary, at 11:51 AM  

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Thursday, February 22, 2007  

It looks like that KipFee is going to have to wait till next week to get finished. I’ve put too much into her to rush things now and the past 2 weeks have been packed with all sorts of things that distracted me from her. Work has been particularly tough because not only have 2 staff members been out, but our three volunteers who have the most training and skills, have also been out. Two piddly little souls have kept that place running 49 hours a week, so when you go somewhere today and a public servant helps you along your way - say thanks. They’re probably short staffed and exhausted.

I got a little bit of knitting done when J was visiting but I am not particularly good company when knitting, unless it’s mindless knitting, like a stockinette sock, which is what I knit the most on last weekend. And now I am off to Richmond and I am not taking precious knitting into a place with questionable karma. When I left you on Tuesday to bind off the last of the button band, my knitting was too loose and sloppy. I had to rip out everything I did. Not doing that again. It is decided. She can wait for calmer days to be finished. The only real goal I had was to wear the sweater this winter and I know I’ll be able to do that.

Instead, I am knitting that second sock for Mama - which is quite appropriate knitting since I’ll be at her house. She can try on the first sock to be sure it fits - who knows, I may finish it while I’m there. Knitting doesn’t relax me. It entertains me, it intrigues me, it thrills me and it delights me. But I am a counter, and I am a stare-er too. I do all sorts of little mathematical things in my head while I knit. I sing second violin parts from symphonies. I tote up square footage for garden beds. My fractured senses can listen to stories - plot lines - of movies or books while I’m knitting, because I’m riding along on someone else’s theme, but if I’m in a dynamic environment - one with conversation that requires the commitment of my attention, I’m more likely to put my knitting down and gaze about ... or knit the neck opening shut or some other weird and goofy thing. Socks, hats, things I have no opinion about or have done so many times I can do them in my sleep are my company projects. I will still have to stare at my knitting, but I can at least participate in the conversation.

Interestingly, spinning does relax me. A day spent spinning is a day of bliss, joy, and flights of fancy. And I haven’t spun since early fall. Happily - and suprisingly - I haven’t been too tense this year. Been too busy learning new techniques for getting what I want out of life and loving the heck out of it. A number of plans and happy projects are still so deep in infancy they aren’t ready to be brought out in public, but one of my favorite activities is teaching and I’m gearing up to teach 2 long days of classes. In March I’ll be teaching beginning knitting in a 5 hour class to the quilting ladies I taught spinning to last year. I will be, that is, if enough register. That one is a tad bit iffy but I’ll know for sure on Monday. In April I’ll be teaching at On The Lamb in Staunton VA - a new shop in a town that I think is one of the prettiest in Virginia.

Now, mid-April in Virginia is second only to May in Virginia, which is Eden on Earth. It’s a grand time to be traveling across state and I’ll be teaching one of my absolutely favorite classes - the EZ seamless circular sweater. I love teaching this class because it offers the new - middle knitter such a window to freedom. Freedom from patterns so that you can make what you want to fit whom in whatever stitch pleases you. When students first join the sleeves to the body and then zip up to the neckline in the little doll sweater we knit in this class - whey they realize they can do this in any yarn - for any body - it’s the most rewarding experience to watch. As understanding dawns on their faces, as they sit up a little straighter, as you can see in their eyes the thousands of sweaters that suddenly flashed through their brains - well. That is a teacher’s high of the highest magnitude.

The other class I’ll be teaching is a socks on two circulars class. Since that is a technique that takes all of 30 minutes to teach - or even far less, if it’s a small class - in fact, it takes about 5 minutes to demonstrate and the other 25 minutes to convince people to just obey the instructions long enough to see for themselves - I think I’ll spend the rest of the class on some interesting sock variations. Double knitted cast on? (am I too cocky to be considering the short row heel?) maybe the spiral toe - a pretty little technique that is just different enough to be enticing.

Well. It is some weeks away. I have time to think about it.

I don’t know what the weekend holds for me. Not sure when I’ll be back from Richmond, either. I’m just opening up and letting the force be with me.

And taking mindless knitting - which is still good knitting - for us all.

posted by Bess | 5:43 AM