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As it's SILENT poetry day, I can't read that to Oscar until tomorrow. But I know that his answer would be YESYESYESYESYESYESYES IWOULDIWOULDIWOULD! I"DLIKETHATVERYMUCHMAMMA!

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Friday, February 02, 2007  

For Silent Poetry Reading I offer you just the first stanza of one of my favorite poems by Himself, himself. I believe it’s still a work in progress so I am only putting out this teaser.


Would you like to be a little bad dog,
nose up in the breeze,
to cock your ears and jaunt or jog
anywhere you please?

And stalk the quiet beneath old owl,
and challenge the cold moon to a howl,
and greets the night’s response to scowl
and take the shortcut climb
to rifling the chestnut trunk
to just get dose of skunk;
home at five hungry as hell,
just in time for dinner yell.

by Edward Wright Haile

This poem was inspired by Ike, a very little-bad-dog of ours who filled our hearts with so much joy and delight and love. He was the first of the honey helping dogs. Jack is a worthy successor, and much more of a honey helper, too. But when any of our dogs are just too cute for us to stand, we will quote those first couple of lines and gather them up in giant Big Bed hugs.

(stuff about TheQueen is in the post below.)

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