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I'm definitely reassessing my knitting almanac. So much so that I'm thinking of June, July and August as being fix what needs to be fixed and finish what needs to be finished months. Those are always strange knitting months anyway since it's either too hot to knit, to spin or think. They may be finish up baby items months too. I'm not writing anything down in my knitting journal until I can figure it all out, even if it isn't figured out until June 1.

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Sorry, I normally ignore misspellings, but that one was just too fun to resist.

So, what classes will you be teaching?

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Friday, February 02, 2007  

Alright youz guyz. No fair laughing at spelling mistakes, made either by TheSpellChecker or TheCut&Paste Feature. You would never laugh at TheQueen, uninvited, of course. That would be high treason. As for that very Frenchy looking eclair - well, you can just look at him and see he’s no good. He’s typical of the way chocolate treats some of us - sending us into a frenzy of passion only to leave us wiser, but, alas, fatter. I’m quite fond of chocolate, but chocolate eclairs really do something to me. And this is definitely the chocolate season. We’re even having Chocolate Fairy Tales at the library on February 10. I’ve never been attracted to bad boys and I know that eclair is a bounder, but I still have a fondness for him.

Yesterday had the stupidest weather. It was snowing so hard as I dressed for work and the forecast was for continued wintry mix throughout the day and into the night. It wasn’t bad enough to stay home in the a.m., but it surely sounded like I’d be heading home in the early afternoon. BD offered to drive me in, for he knows I’m not ever very fond of driving anyway and I accepted. I also canceled a lunch date, figuring that if I was still in town by lunch time I’d probably work through it to make up for cutting out early.

We left an inch of snow at home as we drove off but we hadn’t gotten 2 miles past the Champlain post office before it began to taper off. Just outside of town there was No Snow - falling or on the ground. Nada. Niente. What a disappointment. It went that way all day. It would begin to fall but then stop. School was already closed for a teacher workday. Nobody was in town, the folks who usually meet on the last Thursday of the month canceled. And BD sat around kicking his heels till about 3:30 when I decided to go home anyway. All night nothing fell. It’s just beginning to rain now and well, rain at 45 degrees would be enough to depress you only, it’s Friday. Who could be depressed on a Friday?

Hey - especially on a Friday when I have a manicure scheduled and it is not going to be snowed out!

With my extra home time last night, and in honor of it being February 1, I did a little reevaluating of my Knitter’s Almanac. Its purpose isn’t to cast in stone a series of activities that would leave me full of shame if I failed to accomplish them. It’s a guideline to help me stay fully involved in the things that make me happy and to discourage me from drifting away in a dozen different directions leading nowhere. It’s so easy to fritter time away till you realize you’ve frittered years away - a life away. In January, I’m all briskly full of ambition to stay on task. But come February, those cozy dark evenings after a long day at work, with the worthless ones smoking in the men’s room and a desk littered with junk mail, seldom feel like an opportunity for Getting On With Things. Far more likely to lure me into a hot bath and an early night of it.

So I scheduled into the day timer, on the first of each month, an evening of reassessment and planning. I did some serious note taking and outline writing for two wonderful day-long classes I’ll be teaching in March and April. I made shopping lists for the kits I'm putting together for that March class. I figured out exactly what handouts must be edited or written and what samples need to be knit. I need to knit a goodly number of samples because I find I’ve given away or lost all the old examples I’ve used in classes in the past. I thought about the things I hoped to do in February - and still do hope to. But I suspect these Other Things will cause the sum to spill over into March. Thank goodness I built in a month of catch-up time this spring.

This weekend, though I plan to close the shoulders on TheKipFee and knit up some button band swatches. I ordered the extra ball of Bark and I shan’t actually knit those bands till it comes, because I don’t want to deal with dye lot changes. There will be photos come Monday.

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