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Monday, January 22, 2007  

Well, well. Look who’s writing for Yahoo Astrology. And how much more like the old Mr.Horoscope this sounds. He’s been particularly uninspiring for a long time. I am wondering now who’s insight I had been reading. This one sounds, not just more like the old daily predictions, but more like what’s really going on in my life too.

And thugh Yahoo is usually something that gives me grief, I’m glad to see this page was easy to pull up. Happy me.

We did get snow. Light, crusty, sleety pretty snow. I live at the north end of the county and it’s much more slushy-frosty-icy here than in town. Schools are opening late. The library will open on time, but I will probably go in late since BD needs the car. I wouldn’t drive the truck in this stuff for a kingdom, and everyone else who works at the library lives in town. I’ll just take a half day off.

I will also take photographs of TheKipFee, which is at a crisis point right now. Two issues are at the forefront. The first is my color change choice. Though a photograph would speak 1000 words, I’m going to as well, because I believe writing it all out will help me come to a decision, and you can never tell how a monitor will display colors anyway.


As I said yesterday, the sweater has an overall bluish cast. (see Bess’ Theory of Blue, which states that in anything artistic, all else being equal, people will like the blue one best.) There is, however, a subset of people like me, with yellow or golden, to use the nice flattering copywriter's word, skin and green eyes, who, though they too might like blue best, like themselves even more and know enough to Not Wear Blue. Particularly next to the face.

KnitPicks colors are all very clear and bright. They don't have an olive green anywhere in their entire catalog and only one gold I can remember. This sport weight Pallette colection is all clear colors. No gold, no moss. All the stripes in this sweater are made up of 2 very distinct colors (hues). Most of them are from opposite sides of the color wheel. The one exception is the red and blue combo which are from opposite sides of the warm/cool scale. Thus, there is yellow and purple, orange and green and pink and blue. There are also 3 patterns that pair a neutral with blue and purple (both cool colors) and a very clear, almost cool green. Overall, the cool colors dominate in this sweater, but with enough warm colors to make it work for us yellow skinned folk with some minor adjustments.

My color adjustment mission was to swap out the baby pink and blue band for a warmer one. I held up different combinations to the sweater till I found one that really excited me - that made my eyes sparkle and my lips turn up in a smile. Bingo. A soft yellow and a medium value pink. I sat by the window watching the snow fall yesterday as I knit away with those two colors, feeling smug and creative and excited all at the same time. I completed that pattern and moved on to the next.

It was at this point I began to grow anxious that I may have miscalculated the math for the shoulders. I always grow anxious at this point - in every sweater except those circular yoke sweaters. I set the sweater aside, spread out on the dining room table, and went to get another sweater to measure it against and when I came back, the first thing that hit me when I walked into the room was that peach&petal color band. Pow! Right between the eyes! It popped out at me like the proverbial sore thumb, only, it’s prettier, of course. It really is a wonderfully nice colorway. It’s the kind of colorway that will tempt me to make More Purchases of KnitPicks yarn. But is it something that will also give people a headache when they see me in this sweater. Will its pulsing energy slam people in the eyes with A Brightness that doesn’t fit. Will people (including me) think "what’s wrong with that sweater?"

Of course, it just may be me and my picky old Virgo anxiety fussing around because I didn’t’ follow the instructions, in a pattern I know is wrong for me, even if it was designed that way. Or, like all those lesser astrologers would say, maybe I’m just doubting myself because I am so critical I am even critical of me! It may just be that I need to look at it a while. Think about it a bit. Stare at it. Decide if that added colorway is just what this sweater needed. And that I did the math, if not exactly right, at least right enough to be able to finish this sweater. And my dears. I am only inches away from the end. So close. So very, very close.

And I enjoy working on it so much I wouldn’t mind ripping out and knitting it again - if that would make it better, make it more perfect. (you really must laugh at that thought)

And I am such an ENFP - one of those people who grieve, instead of rejoice, at completion.

So. Today will be a rest day from KipFee knitting. I will think about it. I will show you what I’m talking about later on this afternoon - when I can get to work and post the photos. Feel free to comment about this color choice if you can see these distinctions on your monitor and have any reaction to it at all - pro or con, since my feelings can’t be hurt about this.

And may you get more snow if you want it - and less snow if you don’t - but may you always have Good Knitting.

posted by Bess | 7:46 AM