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Last year I didn't intend to buy more yarn, but I did. In October I started knitting from my stash as a plan, and it's absolutely great! Why was I saving that wonderful yarn?

You've inspired me to try again, however, and (with the exception of Stitches West) I hope to succeed this time.

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007  

Thank you all for your kind words. It really has been a learning year. For those of you considering buying no yarn for a year - I promise you - you won’t be sorry. You will learn so much about yourself. And there will be magnificent yarn waiting for you when it’s all over. Of course, you wouldn’t be considering this if you didn’t already have an enormous stash, right?
I haven’t yet made any New Year’s Resolutions yet this year. Odd, since that is one of my favorite things to do on January 1 and it was a deliciously rainy 1/1/07, just perfect for mapping out a whole wonderful world of tomorrow. But I didn’t. I did other wonderful things that danced around the idea of resolution writing but nope. nope. And this morning Mr.Horoscope - who has been fairly uninspiring for months - had this to say:
Making a plan for 2007 is like wandering into a new restaurant and ordering before you have even seen the menu. Now, you are a clever Virgo. You probably think it is easy to order without a menu. Most restaurants are fairly predictable. As long as you know the type of fare that they offer, you can hazard a reasonably good guess about what's in the kitchen. What, though, if a surprise treat was also available? Wait till you know a little more before you make your big choice about the year.
Nice to know I’m so in touch with my stars, hmmm?
I am half inclined to say I resolve to photograph more and write less - but then - the whole reason for this blog is to write my heart out and get a little feedback about it all. I guess you’re stuck with Little Miss Loquacity for another year. But I will be back tomorrow with photos of the Great Stash Organization Project. And maybe a list of Good Ideas for 2007.

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