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When I first saw the antlerless reindeer, I thought it was a sheep getting ready to take a bite out of some kind of fluffy shrub.

(And, like you, I worry about "Old" blogger going away - especially without sufficient warning. I have too many posts to change over at this point and I hate to think of starting from scratch and losing all my archives. Because even if no one else reads them, sometimes I do.)

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007  

Some photos - and one of my favorite cartoons

This is what happened the first time I tried to knit. And the first time I tried to knit stranded colorwork. Not only did all the reindeer lose their antlers, but all the stars exploded and the Christmas trees toppled. Every time I look at this sketch I laugh again.

I also realize it may only be funny to me. But this is my blog.

This is the Mountains of Lace UFO out of shedding Brooks Farm yarn. It's soft. It's delicious to touch. It's gorgeous colors. It's a pretty lace pattern over another pretty lace pattern. It's just a wonderful garment except....

Yeah. It sheds. And there isn't enough to finish it. It has a 5 month reprieve. I'll decide after MS&W if it will have a life in my wardrobe.

This is the stained glass vest. It just needs a decision and I think I will schedule a Deadline Decision Date for it in the next day or so. I'm very pleased with the colors, the slip stitch pattern and the yarn. Just don't care for those bat wing shoulders.

This is Bricca the Aran - a scan of her, which is why there's that glare in the center. I don't even remember which cable I hate knitting so, but I know it requires me to do some fancy needle work. Even ordinary cables demand a lot of your attention and since they are perfectly lovely too - this one is for the frog pond. Soon, too.

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