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Sorry to hear the sweater is going swimming . . . love that you were willing to see where the decrease took you though, always good to try something new, even if it doesn't lead where you want to go, a knitting scenic route ;)

I'm having a contest on my blog, the prize is a choice between cashmere and handspun alpaca so come on by and have a looksy.

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Last year I didn't get around to writing down my resolutions until Chinese New Year, which was around Feb. 15th. I may end up waiting that long again this year, too -- we'll see....

Okay, this is very strange -- I've had the same word verification word ("smenita") for the last four or five comments I've entered. Blogger is nutso....

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Sunday, January 07, 2007  

The recent full moon flooding my bedroom with its silver light has interrupted my sleep the past few nights, leaving me groggy in the morning and short on time for writing. Yesterday was Christmas tree removal day, always a day of mixed emotions and depleted physical resources. It also always becomes something of a mini-fall house cleaning. Especially when the day is sunny and the windows are grimy.

But you ought to see my sparkling beautiful house now! Not only is the living room all ship and shape - I swapped out photos and pictures and washed that front window where all the sun comes in - but the kitchen is fresh and the stash has yet to creep out of it’s confining bins and boxes. I ought to give a party!

All this hustle and bustle has left me very little time to organize my thoughts into anything like NYR’s - those happy, focusing, year defining Good Ideas that I so love to put together every January 1. Mr.Horoscope assures me. I need not fret. And I’m not, mind you. But I am thinking of an afternoon of pulling thoughts together and giving them a paper home.

As we settle ourselves more snugly into 2007 I thought I ought to let you know how TheKipFee is doing. Alas. She has to take a little dip in the frog pond today. Like many knitters, I set my personal knitting project aside while I worked feverishly on Christmas Gifts. When I picked her back up again, I began decreasing into the shoulder section, taking little bites out of the body and, in brain dead sock toe decreasing mode, I decreased every other row.

MAAAAA. Wrong!

When knitting a seamless circular set in sleeve sweater you are supposed to decrease every row to get to shoulder width quickly. So. Who says so? Hmmm. Well, Elizabeth Zimmermann suggests so but we all know she would never insist. It’s just that ... I agree with her. Mind now, every-other- row decreases are very pretty. Everything was looking nicely slanted - but the sweater kept saying "OH! Are you going to make me into a raglan? Hmm. I thought you hated raglan sweaters. Are you sure? Do you really want to do this. Remember what you look like in a raglan sweater! Shouldn’t you take out that last row? Ooops. Wow! Well. You’ll have to take out 3 rows now. Yipes! If you change your mind it now it’s 9 rows to reknit. Stop. Stop! Stoppppp!"

I actually heard her before last night, but I kept saying "It doesn’t look all that bad. Who says the decreases have to slant into position so quickly? Perhaps I shall invent a new shape of sweater. A new look."

Wrong. I hate the way it looks. I don’t want a raglan - even if that is a very easy sweater to make. If I were going to make a raglan, I’d have done the decreases differently. So, finally, as I made the color change to that solid fawn colored band, I accepted my fate. We are going swimming today. Fortunately, the jet stream has remained in Canada this winter. It was 70 yesterday and sunny. Sort makes me think I’m living in South Carolina.

I’ll photo the mistake knitting, and try to get in some correct knitting so there will be a B&A set tomorrow.

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