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I know what you mean about sleep deprivation dulling the senses -- I've not slept well (long enough) either of the past two nights, and that really does impact clear-headedness. But, for the last two days I also sat in close proximity to large tables full of yarn for sale, and I'm quite proud to boast that I made no yarn purchases whatsoever. It helps that I'd just rifled through my entire stash on Friday....

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Sunday, January 21, 2007  

Not feeling very chatty today. Or at least, not very eloquent. My sleep has been off for a few days and that definitely dulls my loquacity.

I am knitting along though - moving on up the shoulders. I am, according to EZ’s instructions, almost at the point where I begin decreasing arm sleeves every round instead of every other. But I’m not confident about those directions and won’t start doing that till I’ve tried the sweater on, which I’ll do today.

I have also made a second serious color change. The overall cast to this very bright sweater is cool, almost blue-ish. There are warm stripes in it, but none of these yarns have any of the gold undertone you’ll find in some colorways. I’m thinking particularly of Alice Starmore yarn, because a friend just ordered one of every AS colorway and I had a good look at it. But there are other manufacturer’s colorways that have that woodsy golden autumnal cast to them. KnitPicks has lots of vivid warm colors, but they’re all very clear - what I think of as California Colors - where it never rains and the light is very bright.

There are 3 bands in this sweater that are pink and blue checkerboards, the last one very near my face. For those looking at the colors in a catalog or in their own stash, they are Sky and Blush. I’ve swapped those for Petal (medium pink) and Peach (light orange). They work beautifully together and create a much warmer band, with a slightly darker tint, and will look much nicer on me than the baby colors.

Photos tomorrow unless it snows - a lot.

I am pleased I got any knitting done at all yesterday because I was so sleepy and I spent most of yesterday in Richmond with Mama for her birthday. I also drove past, or at least, close to 3 yarn shops and really thought hard about stopping and maybe buying just, oh, some sock yarn or something, but in the end I didn’t. I have other knitting plans right now and the yarn for them has already been bought. All joking aside, what really happened was that I was functioning at a slow enough pace that I could really search my feelings, really ask myself "Do you want to buy some new yarn?" and myself had enough time to answer "No. I really want to knit on the projects I have planned." I was feeling and living and thinking and experiencing at exactly the right speed to thoroughly enjoy my love of fiber.

If only I could get to that place with food. I would be just about perfect!

Happy Sunday. Photos tomorrow.

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