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Ah, what looked green to you looked gold-ish to me, and I remember we talked about the odd color and how british it was and I went OH! and pulled out a Starmore book and there it was exactly... so I was meaning the color was Starmore, not the pattern. :D

I had a very similar thing happen - a leaf lace that was to be on cuffs and hem moving up the bodice of a sweater, and I started swatching, and the next season someone else published it... so I have absolutely no desire now. Meh.

By Blogger Amie, at 12:38 PM  

Oh la! You're right! I remember that color card. Well. Nothing will ever get me to call that color antyhing but canned pea green.

By Blogger Bess, at 4:05 PM  

Hang in there, Queen Bess. I don't think they'll be shutting down Old Blogger anytime soon, but, just in case, you might consider backing up your old blog. I'd recommend doing that on a faster computer and with a faster internet connection than what you currently have at home.

I must admit that I've had MUCH better luck posting pictures to my blog, now that I use Firefox as my browser. We'll see if that changes when I switch over to Blogger Beta. I may just try a test blog, first, before attempting to migrate the real thing. (Thinking out loud here. You often prompt that in me...).

By Blogger Mary, at 4:35 PM  

I set up my new blog as a test blog and ended up keeping it. I like New Blogger so far. I considered going to my own host but I really don't see the need. I'm not THAT creative.

By Blogger Catherine, at 6:28 PM  

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007  

More UFO Talk

You silly, A - you are always welcome at TheCastle. As for that first NBP - it wasn’t a Starmore sweater or yellow either. It was the color of canned peas, which is why I could get 11 balls of it for a song. There’s a funny bit of surprise ego that popped up with bit of knitting - which I was never all that serious about making into a sweater anyway. You see, I wanted something to do for a NBP but my brain was truly not functioning on all cylinders. Remember, my goal for the year was to get drunk at MS&W! I had been extraordinarily ill that autumn with the heart cath and all and the spine problems, after the spring of the heart attack and the winter of the wedding. Lawasee - I do heap my plate, don’t I?

Anyway - I had that yarn. I’d always wanted to knit the Peri’s Parasol pattern in Barbara Walker. So I started a sleeve cuff and knit a sleeve, just to sort of see what it became. I even knit a sweater hem band in the same pattern - but I was never really all that serious about that sweater when, lo - somebody else took that same lace pattern and knit it into a KnitPicks sweater pattern and I just felt - what the heck. Somebody’s already done it. My idea! Stolen away by a like mind! Harumph. Well. I’m not bothering to knit it now. Who knew my ego would be caught up by something so trivial?

That one doesn’t count as a UFO. It was always just a go-along get-along bit of knitting. It’s just a nice pile of yarn with some of it knit into a shape. Real UFO’s are things with Finish somewherein their name even if it’s not scheduled on any calendar yet. BTW, that Peri’s Parasol pattern splays out widely so if you use it as a border treatment, be prepared to decrease a lot if you switch to plain stockinette stitch.

As for the Sigvaldi - obviously, it’s abandoned for more reasons than just being too big. Something about it doesn’t feed my hunger. It's always easy to pass on things you don't care for. Only its state of almost completed makes me reluctant to frog it. It’s a seamless yoke sweater out of the Lopi book. It can’t be seamed without having to do some pretty strange things to the underarm area. It would far better serve the world as a Gift Item. Dulan or something like that ought to get it. Maybe they will. Whatever, it is last on the list of Things I Might Do in 2007.

There are photos of all these UFOs but Old Blogger was doing database maintenance yesterday and I couldn’t load a thing. I live in fear of OldBlogger getting shut down. I don’t want to loose LikeTheQueen and I suspect it’s too big to move to the new format. I like the name. I like the fact that it is big and full of the past 4 years of my life. I don’t mind that it that the World-0-Digitheads is constantly looking for NewNewNew, but why do they have to destroy the old? - Old being 4 years ago, mind you, not like, say, from 1952. I am not sure what I’ll do if they slam the door on OB. I may switch to some other blog host. I may turn this into a WebPage instead of a Blog. After all, if I have to learn all new tricks, I might consider learning someone else’s new tricks.

But if blogger will let me post photos you will get to see the abandoned ones. There are no progress shots of TheKipFee because only B came into town for knitters night last night, and we went to a restaurant instead. We had a freak snow storm - huge flakes that looked like pieces of paper streaming at your windshield for about an hour. Nobody felt like coming out except my intrepid friend, who left home before the weird weather hit.

The rest of the UFO’s all have their place in my future and you can be sure I’ll share it with you as the days march past. Ta.

posted by Bess | 6:44 AM