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Yep, E, that little toes is a fine sock weight. I have always knit with toasty toes and that knits up cushy on #3 needles. I'm using 3's on this stuff too and it's way too thin for ordinary wearing. Mom doesn't walk anymore, though, so she can have looser socks.

And yes, M. that was the movie. It was a one joke flick, though, and I did all my chuckling in the first 10 minutes. Looked to me like a Saturday Night Live skit that got over written.

How about that - commenting on my own blog.

By Blogger Bess, at 9:14 AM  

Well the same guy who directed "Life Aquatic" also directed "The Royal Tenenbaums", which I hated. Definitely a quirky indy director.

Glad that you won out over "mom's" nagging to go "play outside". I, too, have a hard time sitting on the couch when it's beautiful outside. I ended up sitting on my porch trying to learn and test more features on my new-ish camera.

By Blogger Mary, at 12:03 PM  

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Sunday, January 28, 2007  

Mom lost. I did take a walk and clean the house, but mostly I sat inside and knit. Serious progress is occurring on The KipFee. I’m 2/3rds through the green colorband. About 21 rounds of sweater to knit. And today is a nice grey day, hinting at rain even though none is predicted. It’s another knitting day. I’d like to be finished with the next colorway by bedtime, though that’s 13 rounds of colorwork. But each round gets smaller by 4 stitches. I’ll give it my best shot and see how close I can get to the target.

I really like how the sleeves are shaping. They curve in nicely as they approach the shoulder line. My inner knitter assures me that I’ve done the correct math. I’ve decided to trust her and knit on with confidence and tell myself those sleeves feel a little tight because there is that enormous wad of loose ends to weave in running down the inside. It is about an inch thick, so I’m probably not fooling myself. Happily, this yarn feels nice against the skin, though, so if those sleeves are a little snug in the forearm, I can wear a sleeveless shell or even short sleeves underneath. I made sure the upper arms were wide enough, but I think, were I to do this sweater again, I’d have cast those sleeves on at 25% instead of 20% of the body width (times gauge).

I spent the day with Meg and Elizabeth watching Knitting Glossary. All the other EZ videos are Checked Out Of The Library!!!! Just who do those people think they are, taking all my EZ videos over a weekend? :D

Kidding, there. I'm delighted the videos are being checked out. Gives me a reason to replace them with the DVD version when they begin to show wear. I was just in the mood for an M&EZ show. And I’d forgotten how many wonderful things they did on that Glossary video - how very much technique they’d shown, how many things I’d learned from them. I’ve always wanted to knit some of those technique sampler swatches they displayed; especially that lace gauge one, the selvage one, and the decrease swatch. I probably should have assigned a month of my almanac to doing that. They’re great teaching aids and they’d be pretty good memory joggers for me.

Ahh well. Find me another day in the week, or month in the year, and I just might get to do all those things I dream of. Ha! Who am I kidding? I’d just dream up More ThingsToDo. And somehow that feels just right. I love the idea of More. More than you could ever dream of. More than enough to go around. More waiting around the corner for you. So much more it will be all you can dream of. In fact, more sounds so good, I think I’ll say good-bye and go knit More on The KipFee!


posted by Bess | 8:42 AM