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I, too, loved Laurie's post today. I think she struck a chord (nerve?) with just about everyone who reads her.

There's a guy on cable TV called "The Dog Whisperer" -- Cesar Chavez, I think is is his name -- a masterful dog handler, and he's very adamant that all dogs want is to follow the leader of the pack, which is us. Sounds like you're making your dogs happy by being their leader. And getting a nice walk out of it in the process....

Have a great weekend!

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Friday, January 19, 2007  

M, there is a bird feeder, hanging in front of the next window! Nope. He built a nest in that arborvitae and by golly, he’s going to protect it. But I have a surprise for him. One of these days the arborvitae is coming down or getting heavily pruned into topiary. We hope he’ll feel more secure in a new abode.

I’m thinking about L, who wrote a rare post today about the big Weight issue. She’s a daily read. I adore her writing and particularly admire her fortitude and pluck. Today’s post is another good one - but what got me to actually comment was a twin thing that has happened to us both. She started a daily walk and found that it brought more benefits than a simple calorie burn. I, too, have been walking daily - spurred by the interesting idea of training for a 13 mile walk. For me, that would be a walk home from work. I know I could do it if, say, the world were coming to an end and I wanted to die at home. If enemy attackers weren’t blowing up the world, though, I’d die at home from exhaustion. But what if I could just - oh, say, just start walking. And then get home sometime later. The training program was an article in the January issue of Weight Watcher’s Magazine and I started the daily walk right after the new year. And I am sure it is going to do me a world of good. And I still go to the gym at least twice a week.

But the surprise for me was the added pleasure of bonding with my dogs in a new and wonderful way. I have had all sorts of dogs and mostly they’ve been pretty smart pups. They all learn a couple of magic words; the usual ones like sit and no and come, the particular ones like Daddy and the phrase Up In The Big Bed. But the word that rivals Feed in my dogs’ vocabulary is Walk! In fact, they know that if I sit on the stairs and put on running shoes the Walk word is coming next. They crowd around me, pushing their shoulders against me, licking my hands, tails wagging, with little perked up ears and bright eyes and that doggie grin. If I sit on the stairs to put on other shoes it means I’m going to work and they don’t even bother to get up off the big bed.

Even if I wake up creaky in the morning and think I’ll skip the daily walk, my dogs’ eager pleading gets me out the door. And of course, once I’m out, I am glad of it. We have vast space for dogs to play in. I love watching them wrestle and tumble and play tag across the bare fields. I’ve also been working with Jack, who had gotten in a bad habit of wandering off on the way home. The new routine is for him to roam and wander all he wants on the way out, but when I turn back, he is to heel, and let me be the pack leader. It took 2 days for him to figure out the new rules but he loves them. It’s fun to follow the leader. He pushes his nose up into my hand as I stride. Sometimes he slips forward a bit, but a wave of that same hand and he’s back at heel. I hadn’t realized how good he would feel following the pack leader ... me. You can see it in his eyes that he’s proud and feels like a part of something special.

Well there you have it. You can always learn something new about dogs.

Anyway, all this was prompted because this is my once-a-month got to go in early day. I have to be in the car by 7:30. I know, some people have to be in their offices or classrooms by then, but I work 10-6. This schedule works sweetly for a lark who lives with a night owl. I can have a whole morning full of fun and still have breakfast with BD before dressing for work. But 6:30 on a January morning is way too dark for taking a walk and I have to be somewhere tonight and won’t get home till after night falls. Today we’ll miss our walk and I’m feeling a little resentful about it. Whose idea was it to schedule a haircut at 8 a.m.? How dare somebody invite us for dinner on a Friday night! Don’t these people realize I have dogs!!!

God. I sound more like my father every day.

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