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Always an education here at the Castle. Looking forward to observing your latest progress as you adjust the KipFee once again. You're a lovely example of perseverence.

And I'm almost as excited for you as you should be about the satellite internet. Go for it! You'll never look back. Think of it this way: the computer and internet access are just tools, and I believe you should always work with the very best tools you can, whenever possible, whether it be in the workshop, kitchen, garden, with your knitting, or for accessing the internet.

I just hope you don't have any tall trees on the southern portion of your lot that you're in love with....

By Blogger Mary, at 3:46 PM  

Oh, those little dishes are not that noticable, they get smaller every year, and the satellite access! Oh, and should this include satellite TV, there are great British channels available, my cousin gets a fab BBC channel that I don't get on cable. I agree with Mary, it's a tool. I am not a snob about things that are "for show," but dammit, if I USE it every day I want the fastest and bestest I can get. And if you get satellite, you can get a wee Mac!

By Blogger Catherine, at 7:34 PM  

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Thursday, January 25, 2007  

Lots of Sweater Math below. Not for the faint hearted.

Woops. I didn’t mean to disappear like that. A combination of our home internet access sinking to an even greater Subterranean Depth of Slowness, a flare up of sciatica and some Important Engagements suddenly sucked up all my time. I lounged around all day Tuesday, so the back is better. Yesterday we had lots of fun schmoozing around in Richmond where I actually got to say "Oh, no, I’m just a really nice wife!" And we are probably one step closer to biting the Satellite Internet Access bullet. The monthly fees for that won’t be any more than we’re paying for a second land line plus regular dial-up - in fact, it will be less. It’s that initial lump for the equipment, and the thought of putting Star Trek accouterments on my Little House in the Woods that’s such a throat sticker. But lousy internet service has found new lows with which to offend the user. I could knit three sweaters in the time I’ve wasted waiting for hotmail to load up.

Speaking of knitting a sweater - thank you all for your input on the color choice. You are all right. I’ve had several days to look at it, as it pulses there on the dining room table. I have decided. The colors stay but the math must be redone. By that I mean I must rip out all the green bits I’ve done so far as well as that lovely petal and peach colorwork and start my decreasing every row with the P&P. You see, according to Elizabeth Zimmermann's seamless circular set in sleeve instructions, once you start taking your 4 decreases out of the sleeves, you do it every other row till you’ve eaten up half the sleeve stitches. Then you begin decreasing every row till you have 2 inches of sleeve stitches left knit. At my gauge of 8 st. to the inch, that will be 16 stitches. Then you knit the front flat, knitting the first and last stitches of each row together with one of the sleeve stitches till half of them have been eaten up. Then you knit across to the back, knitting that flat and K2tog-ing in the same manner as you did on the front till there are 0 sleeve stitches left. I like to do a 3 needle bindoff at that point to join the shoulders. I’ll plan on doing it with a solid color, probably the darker of that last colorway in the color chart.

So. What’s the problem with that? Well, EZ used to knit her sleeves narrower than I like mine. I have more sleeve stitches to decrease. Each row of sleeve knitting is also a row of body knitting. If I wait till I’ve bitten away half my sleeve stitches before switching to bites on every row, I’ll make the sweater too long between the shoulder seam line and the underarm. So I must start my faster decreases lower down. I don’t have it with me right now but I will sit down with pen and paper and figure out the math - at what percent do I make the switch, and offer it up to anyone who might also like to knit this sweater with this different shaping.

I’m also planning on doing the front neck treatment as written in the pattern: mark a neck scoop, stabilize the stitches and then cut the fabric away. I had not ever read a Philosopher’s Wool sweater pattern, but someone on Knitters Review remarked that their neck shaping is done that way. It’s such an easy way to be sure you’re sweaters are well centered with the patterns lined up. I come from a sewing background and I’ve sewn with some high end fabrics. It’s always a little daunting to cut into fine fabric but it must be done so one ought to get out the scissors and do it.

My goal is to finish this baby by Valentines Day. I used up such a lot of the dark brown (bark?) in the ribbing I’m not sure there will be enough to do the button band and neck band, so I’m going to order some more of it today. I’m also going to do a tee tiny bit of button band changing. I’m very tempted to do it all in garter stripes instead of ribbed checkerboards. I’ll do a little swatch before hand, to figure out how many rows of each color I’ll need to do and to be sure I like the way it looks. I can play with that while I wait for my order to come in.

And of course, I’ll be playing around with my D’Artagnan socks when the silk for them comes in. That is February’s designated knitting project. I expect some overlap of knitting activity as I follow my Knitters Almanac but I do intend to use it as a guide. And I’d like to knit up another pair of socks for my mama, instead of finishing BD’s Woolease sock. She’s had a good spell the past few weeks and Christmas was much healthier than we had expected, but sister sends news that she’s sliding backwards a bit now. I have some AbFab Interlacements Toasty Toes yarn I got in a sock club years ago. This knits fast, on #3’s and it’s so cushiony plushy soft I know her diabetic feet will love them. And the colors are Joyous.

So. Off to the frog pond for me. Thank you all again, for your counsel.

posted by Bess | 7:35 AM