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Sheesh - the month is half over -- where did the time go???

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Monday, January 15, 2007  

Lots of Chatting at the top. Bit of news at the bottom.

Happy Monday Holiday my friends. I love ‘em so though I do wish the progenitors of all these illustrious ones had chosen to noodle around a little earlier in the year, even if they were living in agricultural times and were too tired after a day in the fields. That way they could have had April and March babies - months when we could really use a day off. But complaining about a little thing like that feels so petty. Besides, the coffee this morning is simply delicious and it’s one minute to 8 and I don’t have to stop playing around, or sipping delicious coffee. Really - sometimes life is just about perfect.

I’ve gotten lots of nice feedback on the Knitter’s Almanac and I thank you all who’ve cheered me on. I’ve really enjoyed reading it myself. Some year’s plans are less appealing to me than others, but this one really satisfies me. I have a printed copy of it (with corrected grammar) that I can read when SomeoneElse is at the computer. So far, this still has all the appearance of a successful plan. Perhaps it’s because it’s not too ambitious, yet it does shine a light on a few unusual projects I’ve wanted to do but found easy to forget about. Perhaps it is because I built in some play time. Three months of it, in fact, when serendipitous urges can mate with circumstantial materials.

But what is making this such a pleasurable thing for me at the moment is that it is helping to keep me on task. I am such an ENFP gal, so utterly distractable, so swift to stop doing this and start doing that right in the middle of - or even just as I am finishing either of them! I know lots of people think being held to a schedule is prison. Especially when it comes to pleasure-not-dooty activities. To those folk I say weehaw and have at it.

Alas, for me, I have almost never cared if I finished something. Once the challenge is over, the design issue or the creativity puzzle or whatever it was that got me to even start a project, I tend to drift away. "Oh. So that’s how you do it." is usually my final statement as I drop a project into storage. No matter what I’m doing I can be called away by the slightest breeze, the briefest sound, even the merest glance in the direction of SomethingElse. I was raking up the leaves in the front yard yesterday. This is a hard task because my lawn is rough, the leaves are wet and my yard is a patch of sunshine carved out of a forest. I have sworn to rake 10 minutes a day till the whole yard is done - probably sometime in mid-February. It’s a big yard.

So there I was in the front yard, with maybe 24 square feet to go and right away my brain said "oh stop here. let’s go dig up daffodils while it’s still so warm out."

I mean. Duuuh!

But then (raking all the while) I thought about being an ENFP, and how isn’t’ that just the sort of thing a look-a-bird type of person would start doing and isn’t it good I wrote that knitter’s almanac and put a frame around my knitting desires and maybe I could do some more project dissecting and assign myself so many rows a day on TheKipFee and would it ever be possible for me to get satisfaction and reward from the act of completion and would I be someone different if that ever happened and before I knew it - that front yard was finally raked. Just in time for a big wind to blow down some more oak leaves onto the grass. But not so many. And the grass can stand up straight now that it’s had some days to dry out.

Well - grass is a fiber!

And I did set a one week goal for TheKipFee of 4 inches: 6 rounds + 6 rnds. for Sn. & Mn. (remember, I’m going around the body and both sleeves right now in stranded colorwork) and 2 rnds. each for T-F. I can do more, but I must do that much. I’d just switched onto one of the checkerboard patterns and I’m decreasing into the sleeves every other round. The set-up of each new pattern is where a real mistake can happen, and with the decreases at the sleeves, I had to do a good bit of tinking before I got it right. Yeah, yeah, I could have counted the stitches, but with 400+ stitches I didn’t trust my counting either. Might as well just find out by knitting.

Happily, I’m on row 3 now and can use the pattern to keep my knitting accurate. I’ll be through with this checkerboard pattern by tonight and will take pictures for tomorrow’s post. At last. A real knitting photo.

Oh Ho! And Important News Follows!

I bought my first yarn in over a year. And what was this momentous important liberating purchase? Well! Thanks to my Knitter’s Almanac, it was this! Plain old white pearl lace weight silk for my February knitting project. But rest assured. It won’t be plain when I’m finished with it.

So. Happy knitting to you all. Photos tomorrow.

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