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Okay, NOW I'm caught up on your blog!

Your list of UFOs is decidedly small, embarrassingly so, compared to mine -- you should be proud. You should also take pictures of them and share them with us. ;-) I'll bet your UFO list will be even smaller before you get to MS&W this year.

And when you type of your stash lists to put on the outside of your fiber bins, make a copy to keep with you when you go yarn/fiber shopping, so you'll always know what you have. Maybe even take a picture of the bin contents and put that on the outside of the bin, and also have that with your portable list, for possible color-matching....

Yep -- my word verification is, you guessed it -- smenita. Wonder what that means. Hope it isn't a Flemish curse word or something....

By Blogger Mary, at 6:08 PM  

Re the too-big sweater, could you cut the sides open, remove the excess and seam it back together?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:26 PM  

Will I be welcomed back to the castle if I ask about the Starmore yellow sweater that was NBP from the retreat 2005?

My list is much, much longer than yours, and yet I've decided to start all new ones this year. But I'm hoping a stringent schedule will aid completion...

By Blogger Amie, at 11:05 PM  

If I can go from over 12 WIP's at one time down to 2, anyone can do it. And I agree with anonymous, sew the "seams" of the sweater to slim it down so that it fits and then you'll practially have a brand new sweater.

By Blogger erica, at 11:43 PM  

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007  

Blogger is undergoing maintenance. This may post. It may not. There are photos for this post, but I can't upload them. Check back tomorrow.

Those UFO's

Those of you who know and love me also know I adore external structure - of my own making, of course. Like any good pod-person I don’t particularly want someone else’s structure slapped onto my life, although as a cusp-virgo I do appreciate and am willing to indulge long proven societal structures like, oh, say - driving on the correct side of the road and paying utility bills. January, with its weather enforced stay-at-home time, its feel of fresh and new and clean, after removing the faded holiday trimmings, and in some years, with its blanket of white snow hiding the sad brown of the garden, only reinforces that longing for sleek, tidy, efficiency. I’ve hit the house and now I’m ready to tackle some other projects. Let us start with the dread UFO basket.

Of course, there is no single basket of UFO’s but I do have 5 unfinished sweaters that deserve attention. Let us give them some and see what can be done about them.

The first is last year’s Brown Sheep Hand Paint sweater - the one I call Bishop - just because that’s the word its monogram calls to mind. BSHP. It languishes because I am afraid it will be too clingy and too short. Not that it’s too tight, because it’s plenty big. But it’s knit in a Brioche rib that is so stretchy and so snap-backy (ooo I love being able to make up my own adjectives) it makes me look like striped sausage, wiggling. It’s beautiful yarn. It’s a delight to knit. It’s cute. It would look great on me if I were at my ideal weight. I haven’t yet given up hope that I will be at my ideal weight before warm weather. It is almost done. I will be able to practice mattress stitch - something I have only done on swatches. It deserves completion.

The next is Brica the Aran - a gorgeous lump of cabled Debbi Bliss Cashmerino Aran yarn that has hidden in a bag since 2004! Why? Because I hate one of the cables in it. I can knit it but it’s needlessly complicated and does not add enough to the design to justify making it all 40 times or however many the pattern demands. I am going to rip that out, block the yarn and design my own aran sweater that has more rational cables that will create the same snugly Irish Colleen with a Color Attitude effect this mean sweater gives - just without the pain.

My Mountains of Hearts lace cardigan knit from Brooks Farm mohair blend is a problem. I am positive there isn’t enough yarn to finish it. Brooks Farm yarn is a limited run product. Even if dye lots weren’t an issue, the folks at BF don’t necessarily carry the same colors every year. Also, it sheds. A lot. Almost wickedly. I’m not sure I’d ever wear this sweater for fear of growing fur on my other clothes.

And yet.

And yet, I’ve knit most of a sweater with it. And it’s pretty knitting. It’s a darling design all of my own. What to do? Well, my options are 2:

Rip it out and give the yarn away. A possibility. I still have the pattern. I could knit it with something that doesn’t leave a trail of hair.


Take it to MS&W with me this May and match it with something that will give me enough yarn to finish it. I would still have to rip a lot of it out, all the solid color, in fact, but that was an extraordinarily easy bit of knitting - it went very fast. If I had another skein of closely matching color I could do some sort of stripy, every-other-row kind of thing that would probably just enhance the hand painted color effect. I actually yearned to follow this option last year, but you all know - I couldn’t buy yarn last year. I can this spring, and this is probably what I’ll do. After I spend some time with the sweater to determine if I can live with the shedding issue.

Then there is the cathedral windows vest knit from purple Aurora8 and my first handpainted hand spun yarn. It was abandoned because the shoulders wing out like a BatMan costume and make me look ridiculous. This is not a difficult fix. I can do it with scissors or I could rip out the shoulders. The trouble is - I could also knit those armhole edgings all the way down to cuffs and make it a sweater. And I can’t decide. Perhaps I need to set a deadline for deciding on that one and then play Nike and .... just do it!

Last of all is the poor old Sigvaldi who is just waiting for a little neck treatment and a button band. That one died on the vine because I knit it when I was a good bit heavier than I am now - and I’d knit it sort of oversized to begin with. I would hate to think that I’d grow fat enough to fit it again. It’s a lot of stranded color work. Not worth frogging. Too many little lengths of yarn. The sleeves are way too short to give to any of the men in my life. I should just finish it and give it away if I can’t figure out how to incorporate it into my life.

Well. That one can just be put away to be thought about tomorrow. Or even next year
- at Tara.

So. There are my guilty secrets, laid out on the table. Only 5. Not too bad, for a procrastiknitter, an ENFP with completion issues. If I can whittle down 4 out of 5 this year I will be ecstatic. If I can eliminate 2 of them I’ll be tickled pink. I believe I am ready to start putting together my Knitters Almanac for 2007. Look for it soon, at a castle near you.

posted by Bess | 6:46 AM