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New yarns, projects and maybe a new computer on the horizon... It sounds like 2007 will be a great year for you!

By Blogger Carolyn, at 9:39 AM  

Hey sister, I'll buy a Mac if you will! And why did you have to show me that cashmere blend? Arrgh.

By Blogger Catherine, at 8:54 PM  

I've got all kinds of ideas floating in my head. I suppose I'll put them down as Knitterly Resolutions on Jan.1. I wrote a list like that in my KRR New Beginnings letter. It'll be interesting to see if it matches what I write in a couple weeks....

Oh, I emailed you a link to a pretty sock yarn, not having realized that you'd blogged about new yarn today. Great minds....

And hooray for the potential new computer. Hooray!

By Blogger Mary, at 11:34 PM  

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Thursday, December 14, 2006  

Yarns I'm definitely thinking about buying in the new year.
and more of

And items I'm thinking of scheduling into my very own Knitters Almanac.

D'Artagnan socks
Spin enough yarn for a sweater
Finish UFOs
Knit some cuffs
A sweater with Nicky Epstein trims
Harem pants
Learn 5 new cast-ons and cast-offs; preferably decorative ones
Knit up some swatches for mastering other new techniques
Finish the KipFee
Another fine gauge stranded color work dale of Norway sweater
Christmas Socks done before Christmas months (Nov. & Dec)
Della Robbia Christmas Stockings
Something unexpected or inspired

As you can see, at one idea a month, I'm already into 2008. And I’m sure to come up with other new ideas before January 1. In fact, I’d welcome suggestions for Monthly Projects - or just hearing about what you might want to do if you were going to plot out your own Knitter’s Almanac. And of course, I don’t plan to be as rigid with this project as I was with the No Fiber Oath of 2006. One year of such strictness is enough for me.

Well and so. This is where TheQueen’s brain is playing these days. In the land of Next Year (I’ll be better). But in the mean time, I’d best be off to finish up this year’s Christmas socks.
I had planned to write a rant about the new and improved blogger - which I dread because I have an old and decrepit computer. But I’ve changed my mind. Perhaps the upgrade will push TheQueen and HerConsort to "geeeut up offit" and go buy a new computer. TheKing has brought it up once or twice and if HeHimself is willing to consider the change SheHerself ought to encourage him.

Happy Friday.

posted by Bess | 1:09 PM