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Thursday, December 28, 2006  

We’re chugging along towards the New Year with all its New Things, New Projects, New Plans. I did a little perusing in Walmart yesterday looking for some New Plastic Bins to store my fibers in. Things in the den have gotten out of control. I didn’t find anything I liked except an under the bed plastic box with wheels. I could use 2 of them. But I’ll do some additional shopping, probably on Saturday, at a few storage bin type shops, including Target and one of the big city Walmarts. I must put a lasso around the clutter in that den.

When cousin David brought oysters by last Friday night, I gave him a tour of the house. And let me tell you something. Showing off one’s house to a new visitor really shows up just how awful a housekeeper one can be! Every room in the house looked like .... like a teenager lived in it. Granted, it was an unexpected drop in - but sheesh! What a mess. Next time it will be different.

Another different thing that I will be doing this year is leaving the tree up AFTER!!! New Year! As you see, we have a really pretty tree and BD wants to enjoy it another week. Now - I like everything swept away and tidy on NYDay in time for Resolutions, but before I could shake my head more than once, why - my heart opened up to hear his plea and out of my mouth, the WifeAngel said "okay, hon. We can keep it up till the weekend."

I am also furiously knitting away on Mama’s Christmas Sock - something I hadn’t thought I could get done in time - but now think I can. If I quit playing around on the computer. And get knitting. So. Ta. Happy Thursday. Happy Birthday Barbara.

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