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Nuthin' wrong with hats and socks, IMHO. Or swatches. Have fun knitting over the edge!

By Blogger Mary, at 2:06 PM  

This definitely feels like a year that I didn't accomplish as much as years past. I certainly didn't accomplish as much as I did in 2005, but I did finish a few things I'd planned to finish this year. There is nothing wrong with swatches. They make knitting fun sometimes just to try out all of your yarns.

I started Level II and got bored with it. Maybe if you start working on it, it will be a motivator to get me going on it again.

By Blogger erica, at 12:37 PM  

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Friday, December 08, 2006  

Well. Since I have the day off, I had thought I’d slip on over to Richmond today, and maybe have lunch with M. But this isn’t really a day off - so much as a day exchanged. I work tomorrow instead and when I looked around at the flood of home things that really must get done I realized I couldn’t. Not, and have groceries in the house or Christmas cards written or, gulp, bills paid, or anything so mundane as a wreath on the door.

And thinking of wreaths on the door reminds me that all the plantings in front of the house are so overgrown you can barely see the front door light. Everything has flung up branches and limbs and leaves and needles so that getting into my house is a little like crawling into an animal den. And part of me really likes that. Normally I do get those ligurstrums pruned before cold weather so that they'll bloom in the springtime, but I didn’t this year. Because nearly every weekend I was doing important family things except when I was having knitting fun. It’s a good thing we live so far off the road nobody ever sees our yard or house unless they’re invited - or lost.

Come to think of it - not too many people find us when they’re lost. They end up at Robert’s Landing.

Anyway, I still want wreaths on the door even if you can’t see them till you duck behind the arborvitae. But if I want them, I have to get them today and decorate them and hang them and all that. So. It will be shopping this a.m. and cleaning this p.m. and if there is time, I will paw through the stash a bit and see what I might be able to use to knit up some sort of Nicky Epstein magic.

I’m also feeling a great urge to do some scholarly knitting. Some exploratory knitting. Some technical, skill building, mastery enhancing knitting. I am thinking of TKGA’s Level II master class. I am thinking long swatches of different edge treatments or multitudes of swatches with different cast-ons and bind-offs. I am thinking I would like to be a better knitter. A more knowledgeable knitter. I am thinking of becoming the SwatchWitch.

If, as it turns out, I can go a year without buying any new yarn OR finishing any projects beyond socks or hats, little socks or hats at that, then I may as well just accept my inner-definition and admit I am the SwatchWitch and quit pretending I knit sweaters.

And, if, as I would like it to turn out, 2006 was just an aberration, a period of chrysalis, of incubation, well, a little skill beneath my fingertips is always a Good Thing.

posted by Bess | 7:00 AM