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Bess, I hate the new Blogger too. I have a blogger account and for some reason, some blogs won't let me sign in, even though it says, "You can use your blogger account." I have a blogger account but it wants me to create a Google account. So glad someone else understands! I hope you're able to get out of the dial-up hell soon. It's dreadfully slow and I feel like it's getting slower as a way to force people into DSL or cable. We saw a fascinating piece on Bill Moyers several months ago about high-speed internet and how other countries are way ahead of us in getting high-speed internet to their citizens because they're governments are responsible for it and not the cable and telephone companies, who say they don't have the money to give us ultra-high-speed when they received the money from our government 8-10 years ago but didn't do anything but spend it. Okay, enough ranting.

I hope your tree is lovely and that you enjoy it while you have it. Good luck with all of your Christmas knitting.

By Blogger erica, at 10:10 AM  

I've done a little more research on the switching to Blogger Beta, as well as the issue with leaving comments on a Beta blog when one still has a Classic blog. You can read about it here: , or if that URL doesn't work, try this tiny one: .

Hope that helps.

Oh, I watched the Keira Knightly/Donald Sutherland version of Pride & Prejudice again last night. I have to say that, although it'll never be as fulfilling as the 8-hour BBC/A&E Colin Firth miniseries, the filmmakers did a beautiful job telling that story in under two hours. Beautiful cinematography, beautiful acting. But whoever was in charge of Keira Knightly's hair should be fired - the worst hair pieces and extensions I've ever seen in a movie. What were they thinking??

By Blogger Mary, at 2:38 PM  

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Monday, December 18, 2006  

Well, some days things are really stupid with blogger. I can’t get my blogspot blog to open up - even though I’ve opened up other people’s blogspot blogs. BahBlogger! And the new blogger beta insists that I email comments to the blog owner - and I don’t have anybody’s email address just sitting about on slips of paper on the desk or in my non-existent PDA. I have to open up H




on dial up access. Argh! I hate technological bloat. It’s as bad as my personal fat accumulation and offers about as much hope forbeing dieted away as my love handles do.

We didn’t get the tree yesterday. BD has had a cold and after a long day shopping (during which the big gift bought was for me - to be revealed after Christmas day) he didn’t feel like putting up a tree. And since he has to go off with the car on Friday I shan’t be slipping on over to Richmond that day - and can decorate a tree instead. Which makes me happy because this way the tree, enormous clumsy beautiful guest that it will be, shan’t crowd us more than about 10 days. I love a tree. I love to put it up. I love to look at it when it’s up. And by golly, I love to take it down.

The other thing that happened because BD was feeling puny is that I had to do all the driving this weekend - and as such - have knit much less than I’d planned. Heel is turned on Christmas Sock #2. Mama’s is not even started and I can see it won’t be till after mid-week. Eh. I bought her a gift too - she can have the sock for her birthday. I did weep my way through White Christmas, but the copy of It's a Wonderful Life I checked out from the library was defective.

I know. I'm so trite.

So the week before Christmas dawns with not all my gifts at the presentation stage and no tree up and a short work week that will feel strange since nobody really wants library books this week. My statistical report was popped off on Friday (I'd finished it a week ago, but I didn’t feel lucky about it and waited till I did before hitting the irreversible, locking button on the program). I believe I got other dooty stuff done last week too. All that’s left is to dig up the information I need for the network wizard who’s coming down tomorrow and to wrap gifts for people at work, (and give them, of course).

Happy Monday - let us hope I can get into blogger via the back door at least.

posted by Bess | 6:24 AM