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This week has been Thinking About Somehow Organizing the Stash week, and I'm just clueless on how to do that in my tiny house. Time to start surfing the Container Store and Ikea websites....

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Bathe that puppy in tomato juice and bring em inside. It's winter in VA.

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Friday, December 01, 2006  

Thanks Mary. I suppose it’s good, every once in a while, for my true scatterbrainedness to peep out. Yesterday’s post is textual evidence of why I there are so many single socks on needles at TheCastle. This whole week has been scattered, as if Mercury was still in retrograde and things communicative were missing the mark. Our delightful computer wiz showed up on Monday and did a once over on our machines, murmured that the two that give us the most trouble were probably not worth fixing and didn’t we want to buy 2 new ones (yes.) He put a lock-down program on the public access machines and gave me the procedure for opening it up, making changes and locking them back down again ... and it hasn’t worked since he drove away. Then, the quotes he sent me to my library email didn’t come through - again and again. I finally called Dell and had the fellow there send them to my hotmail address and bingo. So this means there’s a firewall issue with our router. Which I knew because we haven’t been able to move other Important Things That We’d Paid For through that router either. His boss, who is the Router Man, will have to deal with that issue. Today I’ll go talk to the Asst.CtyAdmn. and see if I can borrow from Peter to pay Dell - and order those new machines.

Computers aside, the whole week has had an aura of dithery frustration about it. It’s as if I’ve been away from work so long I can’t remember what it is I do. Yesterday, at last, I seemed able to actually accomplish what might be called real work. Of course, helping you find a great book to read is not real work, nor is opening up boxes of new books and DVD’s and CD’s, stroking them, flipping through the pages, getting their little bar-code stickers in them and displaying them on shelves real work either. Taking a little 6 year old by the hand and showing him the World Wrestling Books and those Formula One Racing Car books and that fabulous book on the Land of Lego - well, you know that’s not real work and when you stand in the stacks with a 9 year old and start to tell her about Robin, who’s mother is waiting on the queen and who’s father is away at The Wars with the king (probably in Wales) and he’s come down with some illness and now he can’t walk and how will he ever become a knight!?! Well. Nobody could call that work. That is sheer joy as you ignite the thrill of history in some little heart. No. That’s not work.

Work is ... filling out Bibliostat and preparing all that stuff for the audit. Work is telling that gang of 20 year old layabouts, who will hover around the front of the building, that they must either come in or go home ... again. Work is remembering to phone again and squeak about the ceiling lights that are still burnt out and have been since July! Work is all that stuff you have to do but don’t feel like doing - so it changes from day to day, from mood to mood, and from successful completion to successful completion. If Jerry would actually come fix my lights, I wouldn’t mind calling him when they burn out.

Happily, when you just keep plugging away at work, at least, when I do, eventually it begins to get done. Yesterday was so much more productive than Wednesday and Wednesday we finally got a collection of pre-school story hour .... babies! I’ve been watching this happen, as more and more mothers go to work and put their children in pre-school. When LD was a tot, our story hours had 30 children in them and they were 4 years old and we read the most wonderful books. Then, in a slow but steady stream, the children became younger and younger. The local private school began a 3 year old program. Then the public school got grants for a bunch of pre-k programs in addition to Head Start. Last summer I attended a Dep. of Ed. seminar where I heard the death knell for pre-school library programs when the key speaker stood up and said "Of course, we aren’t trying to expand our authority into the private day-care arena" and I tell you, if his nose had grown any longer he wouldn’t have been able to sit behind his steering wheel. The truth is - in a decade it will be mandatory school for children 3 and up. You just watch and see.

Anyway, my new group of babies - 1 and 2 year olds - are adorable and we will just shift the content of the program to lots of finger games and singing and re-think the time of day we offer any kiddie programming.

Knitting Blog. Yeah. That too. LD’s Christmas sock is inching down towards the ankle. Mighty slow progress this week, but I’m keeping at it. Hope it doesn’t turn out that everyone on my sock list gets one sock this year. I’ll be riding in the car on Sunday though, and get in some good knitting time. My sock knitting, though, unless I'm doing some kind of elaborate pattern (which I will be doing after the holidays ... I’m thinking stranded colorwork cuffs on knee socks) is just sock knitting. Hardly worth a photo. And the KipFee is patiently awaiting my attention again.
But I am thinking about knitting projects. I’m thinking about A’s 7 sweaters in 2007. I’m thinking about all that stash I didn’t knit up in 2006, even though I didn’t buy yarn this year. I’m thinking about that drawer full of deep reds and burgundies and browns and either an Elizabeth Zimmermann Adult Surprise sweater or the Mitered Mozart from an old Knitter’s magazine. And I’m thinking of a worsted weight alpaca lace snugly shawl. And a chevron patterned stash sweater in golds that I already assembled, though I haven’t designed it yet. And there is the fingering weight merino and cashmere I bought in the 11th hour of 2005 from Elann - and swatched - and began designing and realized it’d have to be knit on size 3 needles!!! and quaked in my little boots as I thought of all those hundreds of stitches. Thank you KipFee darling, for giving me the confidence to knit a sweater for me on size 3 needles.

So. This is a Thinking About Knitting blog today. May your thoughts turn to knitting too, and fill you with inspiration and delight.

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