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Fun times, yesterday -- thanks for meeting me for lunch!

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Sunday, December 10, 2006  

Real knitting progress hath occurred. 1 inch of ribbing on the Second Sock of a Christmas Gift pair hangs from my size 3 Addis. Yes yes, I know. #3’s are a little big for socks but I knit the foot part on #2’s. I just like knitting with these bigger needles and when a yarn, like Regia, for example, makes a pretty fabric on #3’s I go ahead and use those bigger needles. Besides, all the socks I’ve knit on #3’s have held up to my usage. Granted, I’m not too hard on socks, but I’m not altogether sure how much these gift socks are worn anyway. They’ve just been requested.

BD’s socks don’t really count as a Christmas Gift pair. They likely won’t be done by Christmas either. I’ve 1.9 socks left to do from that pool of gift knitting and after that I believe I’ll allow myself some KipFee knitting. A photo will be taken though, of the departing socks just to prove that I really do finish something now and then. Thank you, M, for your kind confidence in my productivity.

I don’t know why I have this funny belief that it’s not real knitting unless it’s a sweater. Maybe an afghan is real knitting - perhaps it’s not real knitting unless it’s a lot of finished knitting. So if I had say, a dozen pair of knitted socks in my drawer, or BD’s drawer, then I could feel like I really produced things. Eh. I’ve pondered this silly thing before and haven’t yet found the psychological pesticide that will eradicate it.

My latest mental gyration in the quest for becoming a Real Knitter has been a sort of 2007 knitting schedule whereby I did something particular each month. My own version of a knitter’s almanac. Each month I’d tackle something knitterly. Something different. Perhaps a month of finishing projects, a month of socks, a month of lace. Hmmm. Yes. The more I think of this the more excited I’m becoming. What fun this is going to be to devise - I may even make it into my own KnitAlong. Yep Yep - I could call it the year of Real Knitting.

Okay - I’m maybe not going to be able to post tomorrow a.m. I’ve been sleeping late for the past several days and I’m off to my folks’ house tomorrow for an overnight stay. Friday was a particularly successful Christmas Prep day. I brought out all the Christmas CDs, went shopping and scored all my staff and library volunteer gifts and one of the family gifts too. And cleaned the house. And discovered the vacuum needs repair And delivered it to the repair man with pleading and begging that he’ll get it fixed by the weekend. So. As I ride around the eastern part of Virginia, listening once again to Ferrol Sams’ Christmas Gift - which, with the exception of the first Christmas story, is the only consistently satisfactory seasonal story I know, I am feeling pretty relaxed and stressless. Everything is falling into place and I’m not working very hard at it. Sounds about perfect to me. May your pre-Christmas schedule fall into place as well.


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