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Oh, Bess, you are such an inspiration! As I read your post I turned (with a wary eye) to the piles of beautiful yarn that are tumbling out of baskets and bags, and oh goodness, I just have to do something about it Right This Minute! All of that lovely fiber deserves to be honored even before it's knitted, and I'm going to do it right, right now. Happy New Year, Sweet Bess!

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Sunday, December 31, 2006  

Ooooo, Anonymous! How sick I got of reading that book. I’ll look around a bit to see if I still have it with LD’s things but I believe it went the way of other well used baby items. It popped up in our Walmart’s Little Golden Book section abut 10 years ago. I’m not equipped to do real internet searching at home but once I get back to work I’ll see if I can find it.

The funny thing is - I really grew to hate that book, but you mentioning it brought back a flood of tenderness for Days Gone By. Appropriate for New Year’s eve, hmmm?

And so. It is New Year’s Eve. If all goes as I’d like it - today will be a day of Stash Organizing and I’ll get it all done today. One never knows, of course. It’s possible I’ll get invited into someone else’s project - but I’d really like to put my stash in order today so that tomorrow - when the Year Of No New Fiber comes to an end - one of the most important things I had hoped to achieve - to honor my stash - to love my stash - will be visible, not just to me, but to the casual observer.

I have never been an obsessive housekeeper. I’m adequate. I’m 54 years old, for goodness sake. I’ve learned a few tricks along the way. Like - keep one room decent in case guests drop in unexpectedly. I learned that lesson on the bitter highway of experience 25 years ago when two beloved .... really loved ... cousins dropped by to “see Edward’s new house”. It was more like “Edward’s Tornado Site” and I was beyond humiliated. I wouldn’t have turned them away for all the tea in China. I adored these women. But I died a little as we entered each room and stepped around the clutter and mess. I swore that would never happen to me again. And it never has. At least, the wanting to die never has. But Lo - 25 years later, when Cousin Mary’s son, Cousin David, brought half a gallon of oysters over the Friday before Christmas and I, in pajamas and slippers, asked if he’d ever seen the house and would he like a look around - and then I suddenly had to look at my rooms with new eyes - that stash in it’s abandoned heaped disarray looked more like stuff I was taking to the dump than my precious beloved fiber art supplies.

It was a Giiiiiit Uuhp Offit” moment for me. There was nothing I could do but pretend that was the way it was supposed to look, but as that boy drove away, I swore anew - that wasn’t ever going to happen again. How fitting that it was David’s mom who taught me to take care of my house and David who made me realize I had to take better care of my stash.

So. Yesterday I bought 6 tubs and one under-the-bed plastic thing - I just stacked those tubs in Walmart till they looked like they took up as much space as the heap in the corner of the Den. I’ll get more storage bins if I need them, for I’m determined to dismantel every Heap that is my stash and convert it into Organized Spaces, with Contents Labeled. I will take before and after photos of this project to share later in the week.

As for other things New Year’s Resolutionary, I am looking forward to one hell of a fantastic 2007. 2006 was pretty durn good, mind you - even with mama’s ill-health and in-law adjustments that took lots of work. They also pushed me exactly in the direction I needed to go. I wouldn’t go back to where I was for a gazillion bucks! And I have that Golding wheel!!! I have lots of ideas for things to do in the coming year and even more ideas on how to go about doing them. The big gigantic project for 2007 is to map out the house I want - including a major addition of a living room/studio with second upstairs bedroom And redoing the office/den into a real library cum office for Ed And all new kitchen appliances And the bathroom tub re-enameled And a deck that skirts the new living room and butts into the porch. And pretty furniture for that porch. After all. If I’m going to dream and plan - why not ask for all that I want, instead of bits and crumbs and pieces. I can want all I want - and I want it all.

I already have 2 library books about Building Storage For Your House - and every January issue from the B&N magazine rack on storage and remodeling spaces that looked interesting (lots were creepy and not my style - a quick flip through the photos told me that) ... plus a Project Notebook, with graph paper and photo sleeves and pockets! I’m so excited. I mean - if I could get a Golding wheel 5 months after I go on a yarn diet - it ought not take too much longer to get the Dream House hmmm?

:D Happy Happy New Year

posted by Bess | 8:45 AM