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We are supposed to have three days of rain and thunderstorms. I plan to spend them in yoga pants and a t-shirt, parked on the couch watching movies, reading and knitting. It's time to regroup and brace ourselves for 2007.

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006  

I seem to be going through the pre-Christmas week in a sort of Not Really Here haze. I had a good day about 2 weeks ago, getting organized and efficient and shopping and deciding. Since then it’s been just a bit ... floaty. No tree. No dinner ordered. Not sure if anybody but us will even be here for dinner. Not really minding if it’s just the 2 of us. No tree yet. No parties to give or attend. No friends coming and no plans to visit friends.

On the other hand - I have an enormous pile of inter-library loan books I got in just before the university libraries all shut down for the week. Almost all the cards are done and sent. Ditto most of the gift wrapping as of this morning. The last of my Christmas knitting will be done by Saturday. There are 5 days off in a row over Christmas - beginning in 2 days!! 5 days when I can stay in my pajamas if I want to. Other things are clamoring for a place in the frontal lobe. It looks like I’m just going to do Christmas Lite this year.

This may be a good thing. I may need all 5 days to switch my blog - or not. If C can’t switch hers because it’s too big - I fear I may not be able to switch mine either. Mine is even older. And of course, I’ll bet sooner rather than later I’ll have to switch of die. Like moving into Windows XP or whatever. What a screw. I suppose I ought to have expected this. Sigh. Well. Bummer.

One thing for sure, I will spend the next few days making a copy of this thing. I don’t have it saved anywhere else and I have a secret pride and love for all my pervious posts. It’s part of my secret virgo love of self and belief that Virgos are really better than other lesser beings - the real reason most horoscope writers hate Virgos and say bad things about them and predict misery and poverty and a lonely old age for them, sitting in broken chairs eating cat food. Sigh.

Alas too since I don’t really want to go to all the trouble of prettifying up a new blog. I’m not in that sort of New Year New Projects mood. Lawsee. I best get off the air. I am getting grumpier by the minute and, honest and true. I’m not in a bad mood.

Knit away my friends, with love and joy.

posted by Bess | 7:33 AM