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Lynne at Lettuce Knit definitely marches to her own, rather than her customers' beat. It amazes me that the shop does as well as it does.

I think you made a wise choice in purchasing Victorian Lace Today -- it's gotten rave reviews everywhere. I can't wait until they get it in at Barnes & Noble, so I can get my hands on it!

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Thursday, December 07, 2006  

Hooray for me! I finished the dread statistical report for the State Library. In doing so I had to gather up the last of the paperwork the auditors need so that can be shipped off today as well. Two major projects off the list. My, that feels so good. There are still some Must Do Before Christmas activities and projects, but none of them are wicked. Just must dos.

My knitting is going so slowly. I’m still inching my way down the foot of LDS#1. This doesn’t feel good to me. I’m so wanting to get back to TheKipFee. Must Knit Socks. I swear this every year, so I may as well swear it again: I Will Knit Christmas Socks Some Other Time Of The Year! I hate this rush rush at the end of the year trying to do something that’s so simple to do. I don’t know why I didn’t knit a passel of Christmas Socks in, oh, say, March. Yes. March ought to be my Sock Knitting Month. Or April. Or for heaven’s sake, July, when it’s too hot to hold anything else in your lap anyway. What was I doing in July?!? What was I thinking?

The lowering thing is .... I have produced very little in 2006. Hardly any spinning. Not a single sweater. A little bit of sock knitting, an unfinished ribbed sweater and most of TheKipFee - but not the hardest part. I have some thoughts about that and will give some time to organizing those thoughts when my Year Of Abstinence is over.

Hey, but there. I’m not very down about this .... even if it sounds like I am. I am just thoughtful.

And inspired too. 2 new books have been added to the library. I had ordered them on a hunch, some time ago and I got a chance to peek at them when I was in Richmond over Thanksgiving. Lettuce Knit had both of them and they weren’t too impressed. The owner told me she had to buy her own copies and then she’d decide to stock them or not. She didn’t seem to feel that her customers would like them. Fortunately for Richmond knitters, they’ll be in the book stores and other LYSs.

Victorian Lace Today is an XRX book so I knew it would be glossy, beautifully photographed, and on the pricey side. At $29.95, though, that’s not all that expensive any more. There are 2 things I particularly like about this book.

First, it’s got a wonderful history of Victorian knitting and the women who wrote down those first patterns. Covering written patterns from the1830s through the Weldon books of the late 1800's, Jane Sowerby offers little biographies of these women and even little genealogies of some of the patterns. It’s such a treat to savor the history of our craft and there’s precious little written about it. I appreciate anyone willing to do the scholarship for me.

Second, the designs don’t duplicate Gathering of Lace, the library’s other big glossy lace book. There are lots of scarves, lots of big square stoles and a very pretty cape or two that are unusual and versatile. The first pattern is an easy pattern but it’s quite lovely. There are other easy patterns, lots of intermediate ones, and many that are knit on size 7 needles. Not so daunting as those tee tiny needles coupled with fortylevendyhundred stitches.

Knitting Beyond the Edge is the 3rd in Nicky Epstein’s series of trims, edges, borders and details and it’s my favorite yet. I’ve got no problem with admitting that her eye, her style, her … her theme matches mine. Or perhaps, more politely to say that mine matches hers, since she’s the one who has gotten out there and done all that innovating, experimenting and presenting. I simply adore her books and this one is More of the same, not TheSame. My favorite cuff is the one that looks like Renaissance puffs. The main yarn is a plain twist but the puffs are knit in mohair, and probably on a bigger needle. It’s absolutely darling! I can just see all the princesses out there sighing over these cuffs.

I’ve been tempted by NE’s clever ideas in the past, but this book made me want to knit a sweater for just about every collar, cuff or closure she’s designed. There are a few whole garment patterns at the back, as in her other books. I house NE’s books right up along side the Barbara Walker books for inspiration, instruction and that rich feeling of having resources in my brain bank that I can draw on anytime I need to.

Hmmm. If I were to knit 7 sweaters for me this year, how many NE ideas could I incorporate into my wardrobe?

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