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Don't you just love Cherry Tree Hill? They do gorgeous things with color. You know that must be true, when I'm admiring many of their non-blue/green colorways!

Have fun chopping down and putting up your tree!

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Saturday, December 16, 2006  

Heh Heh about the yarn temptations - both the given and the gotten. I went to the web site, M - yum! Of course, I would have to buy Champlain Sunset, no? And they have Opal sock yarn too. C - I have plans for that cashmere and silk. In fact, that will be my very first post-oath purchase, to make a very special something - something with a story attached. A blog post&pic lies ahead.

Ahhh Saturday. A Saturday at home, no less. Unless, of course. Unless we go Christmas shopping in the city. I have only one gift left to acquire - a china doll for E - who doesn’t like fluff and frill. A china Brats doll or a china soccer playing doll is more her line. Years ago I suggested to their mother that each birthday and Christmas I’d give my goddaughters the same thing so that when they grew up they’d have a collection. All children go through some sort of collecting phase and some stay that way forever - especially the ones who learn to knit! At first big sister got the dolls and little sister got music boxes, but after a year or so, little sister - quite little at the time - asked if maybe she, too, could get china dolls. She is a frou-frou girlie girl and actually plays with her dolls. It’s big sister who became fixated on the collection idea and, though each year I suggest she might rather have some different gift, something she might actually use or enjoy more, I always get a resounding "China Doll!!" as my answer. And then we giggle.

Alas, when I began the doll collections, china dolls were fairly ubiquitous, with kiosks setting up in malls each holiday season and selections well within the grasp of 5 year old hands and librarian’s budgets. Like all things stylish and faddish, china dolls have gone the way of Transformers (more than meets the eye). They still exist, but you have to hunt for them. I hope I can find something special for MissE today, but I do know of a very fine doll store in Kilmarnock and if necessary, I can slip on down there one day next week.

Kilmarnock is almost as far as Richmond, even though it's east of us. Thus the need to slip instead of drive there.

Regardless of what we do today, tomorrow we get the tree. I’ve been checking out the short-needle pines crowding against each other on a piece of cut-over land where we have permission to poach. We’ve gotten the past few trees there and, though the loblollies are taking over, after all, they were planted, there are still a few fat, thickly branched, bushy, but not too tall native pine trees along the edge of the road that might do nicely for our Christmas tree.

Long time readers of this blog know that I like my tree to go up the weekend before Christmas and come down on New Year’s Day. My little house is crowded enough as it is. No matter how beautiful and magical a Christmas tree is, dodging the fragrant, glass laden, swaying pine branches eventually grows old. At the moment there are no wee ones to play with this enormous toy so I’m not inclined to push the magic too far. Still, I don’t want to be putting a Christmas tree up on Christmas eve. I’m at work most of next week and on Friday I’ll be going up to see the parents. Thus - tomorrow is Christmas tree day and it will be a lovely one. Weather in the 60’s, dry, blue sky, eagle wheeling days are the norm this December 2006 and I have no complaints at all. I like cold. I hope we get some snow this winter, but I just got the smallest electric bill I’ve ever gotten in all the years we’ve lived in this house.

Lawsee! Once I get to typing I can go on forever! (She’s a delightful girl - if only she wouldn’t talk so much.) So I’ll end with this.

I have statscounter on the blog and it can tell me what country people who visit the page are in. I’ve always wondered why nobody from South America has ever looked at this blog, but I see that yesterday someone from Venezuela peeked in. So. Hola! to you, my South American visitor and Feliz Navidad!

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