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Seems like your Christmas will occur on New Year's Day! I wonder what colorway you'll choose. Someone asked me if I bought some STR yarn for myself. Duh! Why didn't I? I guess because I already have lots of un-knit sock yarn waiting in the wings, including one hank of STR.

Hey, if your shopping on Friday finds you in my neck of the woods, give me a holler. Perhaps we can meet somewhere....

By Blogger Mary, at 4:09 PM  

One whole year! Wow! That must have been so diffcult. Congrats.

By Blogger Krista, at 8:27 PM  

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006  

Forgotten from yesterday’s post is this announcement.

4 More Weeks

Because 4 weeks from yesterday I will be at liberty to

Buy Yarn

Yes. The year long abstinence from yarn, fiber and fleece purchasing comes to a close on December 31st and after that I may purchase them all, up to my wallet’s capability. Of course, January 1 is a holiday and even if there were that yarn shop out there whose dedicated proprietor felt like crawling in to work on a Monday, I will be too busy dismantling Christmas. There is always on-line shopping, though, since the internet doesn’t take holidays. I am thinking of making some sort of token purchase that day. I’m thinking of something I’ve heard about this year but been unable to indulge. Something small and delicious and luxurious but not necessarily expensive. I am thinking some Socks that Rock yarn. This - after seeing M’s post the other day, of the prize yarns she’s shipping out. Yum to those colors.

I shall write all about the Year of No Fiber when it’s actually been a year but I didn’t want this 4 week timetable to go unremarked.

There isn’t much other news from TheCastle today. Sock knitting goes apace while The KipFee languishes in the basket. I’m still decreasing the gusset of LD’s Christmas sock - sock #1. EEEK! Best leave off typing and get back to knitting. I’m curiously stupid about the holidays this year. While I’m aware it’s that festive time, and I’m certainly not feeling blue about it, I can’t seem to focus on it either. I felt this way about Thanksgiving too. Unable to really see the date on the calendar, yet managing to celebrate it nonetheless. Just minus the rush of joy and excitement of other years. Well. There you have it. Sometimes we have to accept that things are different some years from others.

BD begins his 2 week stint in F’burg with the Salvation Army. I have Friday off to go shopping. I even know about some rather beautiful things I could do to sort of kick-start the holidays. Instead, I haven’t done anything. No lists. No cards. No pulling out the Christmas music. No idea what to tell my darling to get me for a gift - not even an idea about what I’ll buy myself for my secret gift. Just this vague day-to-day acknowledgment that it’s Christmas time now. Time to get busy.

I’ll admit that half the fun of Christmas is the excitement of New Year’s Day and all the New Newness of New it gives. 365 whole days of a New Year rolling out in front of you with it’s mystery and promise and supposes and what-ifs. It’s the gift of time after you’ve spent all your money. There is something so enriching about having a whole year ahead of you, with its seasons, its anniversaries, its surprises. And this year I feel I’m fortified with new resources - new tools, additional skills - to walk into those sparkly empty 12 months and see what sort of things I can cook up, build, create. I’ve already got some ideas percolating. I’m feeling a tremendous urge to Make a List. Perhaps, on Friday, I’d best have a look in the stationary shops. I’m going to need a New Notebook!

Hmmm. Well. Seems as if I’ve leapt right over Christmas. I guess I really must be in the mood to buy yarn!

posted by Bess | 7:32 AM